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GNSS Receiver Zenith40 Zenith40 is the true flagship of the GeoMax GNSS receivers. Equipped with NovAtel`s latest, cutting-edge measurement engine and supporting fast converging Precise Point Positioning (PPP) this antenna provides a highest level of technology and meets the toughest MIL standards. Zenith40 asures a workflow tailored to your needs thanks to the user-centred X-PAD Ultimate field software or the flexibility to run your own software on any field controller. The combination of all this in a GNSS smart-antenna creates a solution that is second to none. ©2019 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved. Visit our website to find your local distributor: geomax-positioning.com

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Experience the full GeoMax technology Superior Positioning Same as NovAtel and TerraStar, GeoMax is a full member of the renowned Swedish Hexagon group. Using synergies, sharing components combined with the power to partner with premium suppliers such as SATEL and bundled with Hexagons extensive manufacturing know-how enables GeoMax to offer products at highest performance and quality level. Take advantage of NovAtel’s latest fully-featured OEM 719 measurement engine. It enables you to receive multi-frequency signals form all existing satellite systems worldwide. Struggles with canopy -...

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Open & Flexible Configuration GeoMax X-PAD field software is available in two tailored versions: One for surveyors and one for construction professionals supporting Windows and Android operating systems. Due to the close cooperation with key-users all around the world, X-PAD Ultimate is continuously kept up-to-date and convinces due to its perfect balance between clear structure, straight forward workflows and high functionality. The GeoMax software offering is completed by X-PAD Fusion, a fully featured office software that even enables automatic point cloud registrations. X-PAD Fusion has...

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Receiver specifications Q-Lock Pro™ Lowest noise and advanced mutipath functionality mitigation Measurement Engine NovAtel OEM7, 555 channels, multi-frequency / -constellation Galileo tracking E1, E5a, E5b, AltBOC, E6* (opt) SBAS EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, GAGAN Precise Point TerraStar C Pro ; GPS/ GLONASS/ Positioning (PPP) BeiDou/ Galileo/ QZSS (opt); GSM/GPRS module Quad-Band GSM & Penta-Band UMTS 800/ 850/ 900/ 1900/ 2100 MHz UHF radio module SATEL, 500mW, 1000 mW transceiver, 403 - 473 MHz; (opt) Bluetooth® Device class II QR-iConnect functionality TNC connector High sensitivity, UHF antenna...

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