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Setup and station orientation (TPS) Telescope Reticle Plummet Type Operation Keyboard 2 sides alphanumeric backlit rubber keyboard Display High resolution backlight black and white display with contrast adjustment Graphics: 280 x 160 pixels Character: 6 lines x 25 characters Data recording 1 GB internal memory, removable SD card and USB stick Operating system Dedicated onboard software Zoom10 and X-PAD Ultimate GO are available in certain countries. To find out more, contact your local distributor. https://geomax-positioning.com/contact-us/find-a-distributor OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY AND TO YOUR TECHNICAL PERFORMANCES At GeoMax Positioning, making sure your equipment works when you do is our priority. Our teams offer the services required to ensure your product works for its entire lifetime and we strive to always keep your satisfaction at an all-time high. Works when you do Zoom10 + X-PAD Ultimate GO Android phone requirements The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG. Total Care Android version 5 or higher Connectivity Bluetooth (3 channels) EEf|MAXgeomax-positioning.com The unbeatable partners on surveying site ^ PART OF \ A HEXAGON n fa □ □ geomax-positioning.com ©2020 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved. Visit our website to find your local distributor: geomax-positioning.com

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LOOKING FOR ACCURACY AND THE EASIEST WORKFLOW ON THE JOB? Zoom10 + X-PAD Ultimate GO the ideal combination! OPERATES ON SMARTPHONES Our software runs perfectly well on most Android smartphones MEASUREMENT OF POINTS STAKING OUT POINTS, LINES, DRAWING CANNOT BE SIMPLER SHARE AND TRANSFER: FIELD AND OFFICE, ALWAYS CONNECTED The Zoom10 benefits from the accuracy and ease at work of the Zoom family workflow. Best performance and value ratio The Zoom10 has been created following your field work requirements. You want to get familiar with a user friendly and cost effective manual total station?...

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