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GeoMax TPS family Fulfilling all user needs. GeoMax has a complete portfolio of manual and robotic total stations to fulfil the measuring needs of all users. Ensure ultimate reliability with GeoMax total stations even in challenging environments. Providing true cost-effectiveness, these solutions are equipped with the latest TPS technology in the field, helping you increase your productivity, reduce your expenses and bring your performance to a new level. Scan to find the entire GeoMax TPS family on our website ©2021 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.

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The perfect one-person total station The right solution to digitise your site Scan to find out more on the Zoom95 Series Product Page GeoMax offers a robotic total station portfolio that covers different user needs. Combined with X-PAD Ultimate and field controllers, GeoMax provides an outstanding solution for all your work in the field and the office. Our Zoom75 and Zoom95 robotic total stations give you the option to work with two people and the onboard software, or a single surveyor with either a field controller of choice or a phone. The Zoom95 is the true flagship of the GeoMax TPS...

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When simplicity meets performance Stay flexible, stay accurate Scan to find out more on the Zoom50 Series Product Page With the proven accXess EDM technology, the Zoom50 features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding range, speed, and accuracy even under tough conditions. With the Polar option, the TPS can operate at a temperature as low as -30°C. All this, in combination with the full VGA colour touch screen, built-in Bluetooth®, USB port, and full-featured application package, make the Zoom50 the most powerful device in the GeoMax manual total station family....

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Fast, simple and flexible data transfer is delivered by the built-in RS232, USB and Bluetooth®. With a reflectorless range of 500 metres, you are guaranteed high precision and reliability. The manual TPS offers an intuitive user interface, graphical user guidance and an extended application package. Combined with an extra-long battery life, the Zoom25 makes it easier to deliver reliable data productively. Stefano Pozzoli Surveyor Since I purchased the Zoom25 with X-PAD Ultimate, my way of working is much improved. The intuitive interface and the CAD function help a lot. It enables me to...

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X-PAD Suite The heart of every GeoMax solution Works when you do Scan to learn more about X-PAD Suite Alongside our hardware, GeoMax offers a full suite of X-PAD software solutions that delivers flexibility, ease of use and savings in time and costs. With its full portfolio of field software, office software and an intuitive cloud platform, X-PAD is the thread that seamlessly connects every step of the workflow. The software suite has been developed based on our customer feedback and perfectly matches the TPS workflows. It is so easy to use that no extra training is needed, although it is...

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IGeoMax TPS Comparison Chart ANGLE MEASUREMENTS Accuracy Absolute encoding Absolute, continuous, diametrical Absolute, continuous, diametrical Dual axis Quadruple axis Quadruple axis Zoom50 1", 2", 5" 1" Absolute, continuous, diametrical Quadruple axis accXess 30x 1", 2", 3" 0.1" Absolute, continuous, diametrical Quadruple axis NavLight™ Range NavLight™ Accuracy DISTANCE MEASUREMENTS - PRISM Range 3,500m (Std. Prism) 3,500m (Std. Prism) Accuracy DISTANCE MEASUREMENTS - NON-PRISM** Range Two full alphanumeric Two full alphanumeric*** Two full alphanumeric*** B&W, high res., 160 x 96 pixels...

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GeoMax additional offerings Providing more to your success GeoMax field controllers GeoMax field controllers complete the TPS solution offering and empower the instruments to reach their full potential. Hexagon – Guaranteed reliability Hexagon is known for driving innovation and technological progress. As part of this group, GeoMax can guarantee its solutions work when you do. Worldwide GeoMax technical & training services The GeoMax global support team is located around the world – support is available 24 hours a day. With the Total Care Shield Warranty, GeoMax helps you keep your costs...

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