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GeoMax General Catalogue - 2

Content GeoMax, part of Hexagon, has rapidly gained the confidence of its partners and built up a strong network of resellers worldwide. The confidence was won over by our knowledge of user needs in their everyday environment, the quality and performance of our product range, a large service offering, tailor-made technical training and a proximity-oriented business approach. TOTAL STATIONS GNSS RECEIVERS Our success also comes from our visionary approach to Software and Data management. While most major players were offering solutions on Windows CE, GeoMax introduced the world’s first...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 3

GEOMAX SOFTWARE GeoMax software solutions cover a wide range of professional surveying and construction applications. They are aligned to the workflows on sites, local needs and guide you through your task fast and intuitive.

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 4

GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate The Ultimate solution in the field X-PAD Ultimate ensures high productivity in the field. Thanks to the perfect integration in our GeoMax sensors, customers can be sure to have the best solution to perform their job. Running on Android™ devices, it brings latest technologies to topography: a full 3D viewer, use of TPS, GNSS and other sensors, integration of your data into maps, in the camera for augmented reality, direct data exchange with cloud platforms, voice commands and much more. It is available in two tailored versions: one for surveyors and one for construction...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 5

GeoMax X-PAD Office Fusion The geospatial data office software GeoMax X-PAD Fusion is a desktop software integrating geospatial data from TPS, GNSS, scanners and other sensors in a single environment. Different to other software solutions in the market with X-PAD Fusion we offer our customers one software solution that manages measurements, coordinates, drawings, point clouds and other types of data in ONE platform in a simple and intuitive way. X-TOPO: THE TOPOGRAPHIC MODULE X-TOPO module allows to import the measurements from your instruments and have the full control of all the...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 6

GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate GO & Zoom10 The unbeatable partners on surveying site X-PAD Ultimate GO is the solution for those who need a simple and flexible field software to be used in all surveying and tracking applications with GNSS receiver and total station. Combined with our manual total station, the Zoom10(*), you get a user friendly and cost-effective package which operates in the most challenging work environments for the best performance and value ratio. (* please contact your GeoMax representative if it is available in your country) STAKING OUT POINTS, LINES, DRAWING CANNOT BE SIMPLER...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 7

GeoMax X-PAD CalMaster The ideal companion for your GeoMax equipment Efficient calibration for all your lasers EASY-TO-USE Following Microsoft Windows® standards, GeoMax Geo Office (GGO) is easy to use, even for novice PC users. Through the use of icons and graphics working with data in GGO is as easy as point and click. RINEX IMPORT/EXPORT Support of GNSS processing using multiple sensor brands is assured thanks the GGO’s RINEX Import/Export option. By using the industry standard RINEX format you can import third party receiver data and post-process in GGO. NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES The...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 8

GEOMAX TOTAL STATIONS Boost your daily performance with these easy-to-use and highly productive total stations for a wide range of applications, such as surveying, engineering and construction.

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 9

GeoMax Zoom90 Series The ultimate one-man system STREAM360: FULLY ROBOTIC Scout: Scans the entire working area within seconds to quickly find the target. TRack: Continuously tracks targets. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed at the moving target. AiM: Aims accurately at any prism, without needing to look through the telescope. Measurements are performed automatically with consistently high and repeatable dependability. X-MOTION™ HYBRID DRIVES The GeoMax Zoom90 incorporates highly innovative X-motion hybrid drives, promoting automation performance compared to...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 10

GeoMax X-Pole Your economic choice when price counts as much as performance When TPS meets GNSS ONE-MAN TOTAL STATION Equipped with the long-range Bluetooth® handle, the GeoMax Zoom70 transforms into a true one-man total station. It supports the advanced prism search, based on the GNSS position of the controller, mounted on the pole - GeoTRAil. Due to its seamless integration into the X-PAD field software GeoTRAil combines simplicity and high performance. WORKING SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH TPS AND GNSS By combining the advantages of both systems, the new GeoMax X-Pole solution significantly...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 11

GeoMax Zoom50 Series Highest performance on every level SUPERIOR ACCXESS EDM With the proven accXess technology, the GeoMax Zoom50 features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding speed and highest accuracy even on extremely long ranges. This means a wider operational coverage and significantly less time lost with switching setups. EASY CONNECTIVITY The Zoom50 manual total station includes an environmentally protected USB port, internal Bluetooth® and a cable connection port. This allows for fast, simple and dependable data transfer between the instrument and...

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GeoMax General Catalogue - 12

Fully open Windows CE® to operate the field software of your choice TOTALLY OPEN WINCE® The GeoMax Zoom40 is a fully open WinCE® total station. Featuring X-PAD, GeoMax FieldGenius, Carlson SurvCE or any localised field software, the Zoom40 allows you to work as best fits your needs. WinCE® even allows you to run your own developments and to personalise your system. COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN The extra-large 3.5” Q-VGA high resolution colour and touch screen display provides brilliant readability even in strong sunlight. Together with an easy-to-use graphical interface, it makes the regular tasks,...

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