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DATA LOGGERS sisJ Tinytag Voltage Logger Tinytag Talk 2s are compact, lightweight, economical loggers housed in a 35mm film Supplied with an input cable, this logger can connected to many industry standard devices, such as C02 sensors and current clamps, enabling the logging of a wide range of process parameters. The unit is particularly useful when space is at a Popular Applications Battery condition monitoring Customised data logging: Flow Rate Power (with a current clamp) • Voltage recorder • High Accuracy • High Reading Resolution • Fast Data Offload • User-replaceable battery

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DATA LOGGERS Tinytag Talk 2 Voltage Logger Total Reading Capacity 16,000 readings Memory type Stop Options Reading Types Logging Interval Relative / Absolute When full Never (overwrite oldest data) While stopped or when logging in minutes mode Reading Specification Reading Range Maximum Input Input Impedance Temperature Stability 1mV/°C change from ambient Physical Specification Ingress Protection Operational Range Case Dimensions* *The Case Dimensions and Weight do not include the supplied Connection Information The Tinytag Talk 2 Voltage Logger is supplied with a CAB-3233 Talk...

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