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temperature radio logger TGRF-0022

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DATA LOGGERS Tinytag Radio Logger 2 x Temperature Channels Radio Frequency Radio Power Radio Range Radio Licence Memory type Logging Interval Offline Capacity 100m, Typical (Line of sight). One Week, at a Typical 8 Minute Logging Interval (see notes) 2 Programmable Latching Alarms (Upper and Lower) per Channel Software Warning Reading Specification The following information applies to both channels. Reading Range Sensor Type (External probe) Reading Resolution and Accuracy The overall accuracy quoted above includes a thermistor probe. Physical Specification Operational Range* Case Dimensions (Including Aerial) Battery Type Battery Life *Battery life is dependant on the logging interval set and the number of loggers in a network. The above figure is quoted for a typical 8 minute logging interval and a network containing 50 A low battery warning will be displayed in the Tinytag Explorer software when the unit's battery needs replacing. Data stored on the logger will be retained after a battery is Batteries should be replaced in pairs. If used at low temperatures the data logger should be allowed to warm to room temperature before it is opened to avoid condensation forming inside the unit. The Offline Capacity of the logger is an indication of how much data the unit can store when it cannot communicate with a The two probe channels are identified by labels next to the probe connectors. This unit is configured to meet Gemini's quoted specification We recommend that the calibration of this unit should be checked annually against a calibrated reference meter. A UKAS traceable certificate of calibration can be supplied for an additional charge either at the point of purchase, or if the unit is returned for a service calibration. Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd. operates a Quality Management System which conforms to ISO 9001. The scope of the system covers the manufacture, design and supply of data loggers and their associated software, accessories and services. The radio system is classified as a Short Range Device (SRD) and complies with EC Directive 99/5/EC & the applicable *The Operational Range indicates the physical limits to which the unit can be exposed, not the reading range over which it will Required Products To use this data logger you will require: Two thermistor probes (please contact your supplier for details of the different probes that can be supplied). This data logger is designed to be used as a part of a Tinytag Wireless Data Logging System. For further information on this system, and the additional equipment you will require, please see the Tinytag Wireless Data Logging Systems brochure.

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