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OEM voltage input data logger

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DATA LOGGERS Tinytag Plus Re-Ed OEM Voltage Input Logger A voltage input data logger that is supplied un- cased so that it can be built into custom This logger can measure voltages up to 25V DC and can be connected to many industry standard devices, such as C02 sensors and current clamps, enabling the logging of a wide range of process Popular Applications • Battery condition monitoring • Customised data logging: Flow Rate Power (with a current clamp) • Voltage input data logger • User-programmable logging interval • Delayed start options • User-replaceable battery

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DATA LOGGERS Tinytag Plus Re-Ed OEM Voltage Input Logger Total Reading Capacity 64,000 readings (current product); Physical Specification Memory type Delayed Start Stop Options Logging Interval Relative / Absolute When full Never (overwrite oldest data) While stopped or when 2 fully programmable; latchable Connection Information COMPONENT SIDE BATTERY SIDE The PCB edge mates with a 0.1" IDC female edge connector, Battery Side Component Side 18: Voltage Signal Input Communication Socket (supplied) as viewed from behind. Operational Range* *The Operational Range indicates the physical limits...

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DATA LOGGERS Tinytag Plus Re-Ed OEM Voltage Input Logger Changing the Voltage Range As supplied, the TGPR-0700 is set to record using the 2.5V reading range. Changing the reading range to 10 or 25V is a two step process that requires the moving of jumper links on the unit and the selection of the correct reading range using Re-Educator software (which is supplied on the Tinytag Explorer CD, or can be downloaded free of charge from our web site (www.ti nytag. i nfo/down loads). Jumper Link Positions Set the jumper links to select the required reading range as shown in the diagrams below:...

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