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DATA LOGGERS s£sJ Tinytag Tinytag Plus Re-Ed Count Input Logger A count input data logger that is housed in a robust, waterproof (IP68) rated case. Common applications include flow rate and quantity Popular Applications • Flow Rate Monitoring • People Counting • Wind Speed • Count input data logger • Volt-free contact and digital input • User-programmable logging interval • Delayed start options • Robust, waterproof case • User-replaceable battery

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DATA LOGGERS Tinytag Plus Re-Ed Count Input Logger Total Reading Capacity 64,000 readings (current product); Memory type Trigger Start Delayed Start Stop Options Logging Interval Magnetic Switch Relative / Absolute When full Never (overwrite oldest data) While stopped or when 2 fully programmable; latchable Reading Specification Reading Range Maximum Frequency Input Type Maximum Error Digital Input High Level Edge Detection Contact Input Edge Detection Digital or Volt-Free Contact Switch High-Low Transition Normally Open (With Minimal Physical Specification Operational Range* Case...

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