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GELEC Energy generators brochure

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“ We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles. Thomas Alva Edison

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ENERGY FOR ALL. Pushing the boundaries in fine-tuning high-performance generators, developing systems within the scope of energy demands and the environmental requirements of our time, pushing the limits of hybridization, combining and mastering energy sources, and creating Off Grid micro-networks under extreme conditions. These are the challenges that GELEC faces everyday. In France and its overseas territories, in Benelux and throughout the entire African continent, GELEC innovates. THE SMARTNESS AT THE HEART OF OUR SYSTEMS Stand-alone electricity generation, for emergencies or back-up,...

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THE DIESEL GENERATOR THE BEST PRICE / QUALITY RATIO OF THE MARKET DIESEL ENGINES FROM 3 TO 12 CYLINDERS Purposefully designed as real industrial tools, all our generators in our product ranges dedicated to craftsmen, farmers and manufacturing professionals are certified as 'heavy duty', for intensive or normal use, or for emergencies or backup. This is how we're able to offer high-performance and safe electric generators at affordable prices. Assembler, GELEC Thermic has created a range of reliable and robust industrial generators, also offering all the technological developments necessary...

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CONTAINERIZED ELECTRIC GENERATORS THE RHINO LINE - OUTPUT BETWEEN 180 AND 2,060 KVA FROM 6 TO 12 CYLINDERS DIESEL ELECTRIC GENERATORS IN CONTAINERS AND FITTED CONTAINERS. Generators in containers are used as a backup, as a grid, or for production on the grid, are easily transported over land or sea, for maximum power. Perfect for one time or ongoing needs, this solution allows you to install and use your containerized electric generator in record time. LOW, MEDIUM AND HIGH TENSION APPLICATIONS With its synchronization, coupling and charge sharing abilities, the RHINO line stands out from...

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MORE THAN 1000 SPARE PARTS REFERENCES IN STOCK! Our spare parts service constantly carries a very important stock of the most usual wearing parts and consumables as well as more than a 1000 spare parts references for engine, alternator, controlers, body…

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ENSURING YOU HAVE THE BEST AFTER-SALES SERVICE THE GUARANTEE OF A LASTING RELATIONSHIP When you decide to purchase a GELEC Energy product, you enter a world of demands and performance. Our creator-assembler quality enables us to guarantee the monitoring of parts, and their availability at your earliest convenience. Based in France, Africa and the overseas territories, our workshops look after the technical care of your GELEC Energy equipment.

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OUR STUDY OFFICE READY TO HELP WITH YOUR PROJECT Our study office and our engineers are available to develop and put into place solutions to satisfy your product needs. Mobility, sound adaptation, climate resistance, electric specificities and co-generation. Our areas of expertise enable us to offer you turnkey, tailormade solutions

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