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GEKA catalogue

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Ironworkers Catalogue

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World leader in punching and shearing solutions With more than 80000 happy and satisfied customers worldwide and more than 90 years experience. Proven quality, design and craftsmanship ISO 9001 and OHSAS certifications besides 90 years experience and a continuous benchmarking policy. Complete after sales service Permanent stock and next day delivery of consumables, accessories and parts. After sales assistance by GEKA’s qualified engineers. Great versatility More than 50 different machine models and over 8000 different accessories. GEKA offers the highest range in accessories and optional...

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the GEKA GROUP quality know-how service

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EXPERIENCE The GEKA Group began manufacturing ironworkers in 1919. GEKA ironworkers process angles, flat bar and steel profiles used in the construction of prefab metal structures; towers for high-voltage power lines and power stations; telecommunications towers; and other diverse industrial metalworking applications. Each new machine project is studied individually by our technical office and is manufactured in full at our facilities in accordance with the strictest quality standards. GEKA has the broadest range of accessories and optional equipment on the market to ensure versatile...

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Applications Structures of pavilions, tents and stands, wrought ironwork, iron fittings, football fields, dockyards, mining, wine-making equipment, treatment of copper, boiler-making works, traffic signs, publicity boards, truck chassis, trailers, sporting equipment, children’s playgrounds, farm machinery, metal cabins, high voltage pylons, cranes, catenaries, urban furnishing, handrails, fences and enclosures, windows, cement anchoring elements, bullrings...

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STEEL PLATE Every GEKA machine has been designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable Standardised Directives and Regulations in the field of safety. As a consequence, we build machines equipped with protection devices that minimise risk in danger zones in accordance with applicable European and national regulations. FLAT BAR ANGLES CHANNELS H CHANNEL 45º CUT DOUBLE WING CUT (one of wich is at 45º) 90º CUT STEEL BAR CUTTING SHEARING BENDING PUNCHING SPOTTING MARKING DRILLING PUNCHES PUNCHES PUNCHES * For graphic reasons, some of the photographs shown in this catalogue do not...

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index ONE-CYLINDER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES 11 Features 12 Microcrop 15 Minicrop 16 Multicrop 17 BENDICROP SERIES UNIVERSAL PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES WITH PERMANENT BENDING STATION 19 Features 20 Bendicrop 50 22 Bendicrop 85SD 23 TWO-CYLINDER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES HYDRACROP SERIES 25 Features 26 Models 32 Production pack 35 PUNCHING MACHINES 37 Puma Series 40 Portable punching machines 43 GEKA ORIGINAL OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES 45 Accessories 46 Consumables 51 GEKA CNC SOLUTIONS 53 Positioning devices 54 Feeders 56 CNC lines 58

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ONE-CYLINDER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES The GEKA universal one-cylinder punching shearing machine comes with three, four and even five work stations, depending on the cylinder capacity. This makes it a versatile machine that can provide several different services. The design of the GEKA punching shearing machine makes the tool replacement procedure easy, quick and practical. In terms of safety systems, the machines are supplied with guards and devices to avoid exposing workers to unnecessary risks.

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ONE-CYLINDER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES This range includes four electrically driven models with the following standard equipment: work table, limit switches and measuring scales. Optionally, electric limit switches may be fitted (except on BENDICROP, which form part of the standard equipment) for cutting flat bar and section The shearing system consists of one single cut, without wasting any material. The MINICROP and MULTICROP have been fitted with a patented floating blade for cutting section iron without any deformation of the material. Monoblock bed Electrically driven hydraulic...

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MICROCROP MINICROP MULTICROP SHEARS FOR FLATBAR Flatbar (with slight deformation) mm 350 x 6 200 x 13 300 x 10 200 x 13 300 x 10 200 x 13 Length of blade mm 356 305 305 Round bar B mm 30 - - Square bar A mm 25 - - Cut of an L leg at 45º mm 70 80 80 Working height mm 980 1030 1030 L at 90 º mm 80 x 80 x 8 80 x 80 x 8 80 x 80 x 8 L at 90 º (with slight deformation) mm - 100 x 100 x 10 - L at 45 º mm 50 x 50 x 6 - 60 x 60 x 6 Round bar B mm 35 (optional) 30 25 Square bar A mm 30 (optional) 30 22 SHEARS FOR SECTION IRON NOTCHING (OPTIONAL) Plate thickness mm 8 7 7 Angle of mm 60 60 60 Depth mm...

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ONE-CYLINDER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES any waste of material or burrs • Material clamping guide • Safety protection Punching station • Monoblock body and sandwich • Blade-holder Adjustment • Quick change punch • Off-set punches available for small • Safety protection • Adjustable Stripper • Accurate positioning table with removable front for L punching position of flat plate (with slight • Shearing of flat plate up to 200x13 mm • Material clamping guide • Adjustable play between flatbar blades • End switches for travel setting Optional equipment Punching equipment up to 0 36 x 8 mm. in...

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Microcrop IRONWORKER - ONE CYLINDER PUNCHING MACHINE WITH 3 WORK STATIONS: • punching • shear for flat bars • angle cutting Excellent cutting quality on the shearing of flat bar station. 15

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ONE-CYLINDER PUNCHING AND SHEARING MACHINES One cylinder universal ironworker with four work stations (punching, notching, shear for flat bars shear L profiles, cutting of round and square bars). In addition to the features the Microcrop machine has, this model also

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Multicrop The Multicrop model offers, all features of the Minicrop model, as well as shearing angle section iron at 45 º leg in and leg out. Standard shear blades L , B and A. 17

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BENDICROP SERIES Apart from the five usual punching shearing stations, BENDICROP has a permanent bending station, the only one on the market. The machine is therefore more complete than the conventional punching shearing machine as it can perform bending work via a simple and safe procedure.

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