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Bendicrop series

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BENDICROP SERIES Metalwork companies need to perform simple bending work. GEKA has designed the BENDICROP MODELS which, apart from including L, B, A, I , cutting stations, punching stations and trimming stations, include a permanent built-in bending station. They also have a system to reduce cutting deformation. Apart from the five usual punching shearing stations, BENDICROP SERIES have a permanent bending station, the only ones on the market. The machines are therefore more complete than the conventional punching shearing machines as they can perform bending work via a simple and safe...

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Working height Working height RECTANGULAR TRIANGULAR TRIANGULAR TRIANGULAR TRIANGULAR Plate thickness Working height Punching power Maximum capacity Working height Maximum capacity Working height Gross weight Packaging dimensions Volume of seaworthy package OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT SHEARS FOR SECTION IRON LI and I section iron PIPE NOTCHING Maximum diameter PUNCHING LARGER DIAMETERS Maximum diameter (A). Spain, South America, Denmark, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Africa (B). Rest of the world. STEEL PLATE DOUBLE WING CUT (one of wich is at 45°)

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MAIN FEATURES 1.- One and two cylinders ironworkers with six work stations. Exclusive from Geka. - Permanent bending station complying with CE standards. - Punching - Notching - Shear for flat bars - Angle cutting - Cutting of round and square bars 2.- Blade holder’s vertical movement that gives the machines an excellent performance. Permanent bending station is compliant with CE standards. 3.- Fitted with an anti-torque system to reduce deformation when shearing flat bars. The BENDICROP models are fitted with a touch and cut length stop and is delivered with two V-shaped bending dies. 4.-...

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MODELS Bendicrop 50 (1 cylinder) The Bendicrop 50 model comes with: • Electric stop. • With 40 and 70 mm V bending dies. • Rectangular notching with table. Goose neck die-holder for punching of D and E sections on legs and webs. Quick tool change. Angle shearing without loss of material. Wide range of openings for B , A and L B, A and L rim cutting station: Stations equipped with an assembly that acts as a hydraulic stop only in Bendicrop 85 SD. Rectangular notching with table. Bendicrop 50 Triangular notching with table. Bendicrop 60 & 85. This station can also be used for tube notching....

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Bendicrop 85 (2 cylinders) The Bendicrop 85 model comes with: • Electric stop. • With 50 and 90 mm V bending dies. • Triangular notching with table. There are two different versions of this model: • Bendicrop 85S (300mm throat) • Bendcirop 85SD (500mm throat) with standard hydraulic hold down. With its special design and vertically-moving blade holder, the Bendicrop 85 SD has a single hydraulic stop that integrates the flat bar, angle, and round and square bar cutting stations.

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Flat bars cutting station Shearing of flat bars up to 450x15 mm. Cylinder support. Guided table for flat shearing. 1 Punching station Split double acting cylinder. Adjustable gap between flat blades. Limit switches for punch travel setting. Automatic length stop included. Generous travel for bending, deep-drawing, and forming jobs etc. Anti-torque system for flat bar shearing without deformation. Adjustable generous non-turning guiding. Built in hydraulic hold down for the shearing station (Bendicrop 85SD) Additional guiding for damping of offset forces and protection of hydraulic seals. 6...

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World leader in punching and shearing solutions With more than 80000 happy and satisfied customers worldwide and more than 90 years experience. Proven quality, design and craftsmanship ISO 9001 and OHSAS certifications besides 90 years experience and a continuous benchmarking policy. Complete after sales service Permanent stock and next day delivery of consumables, accessories and parts. After sales assistance by GEKAs qualified engineers. Great versatility More than 50 different machine models and over 8000 different accessories. GEKA offers the highest range in accessories and optional...

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