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Extra Severe Duty Motors (IP55) Expect more.

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Expect more from your motor ® GE’s X$D Ultra 841 IEC motors build on more than 20 years of industry experience in extra severe duty motor applications. They are specifically designed with features that meet or exceed the intent of IEEE 841-2009, the “gold standard” for the petrochemical and process industries. Key features Efficiency • IE3 Premium Efficiency Reliability • Inverter duty capability • GEGARD2400™ insulation system • Six Star Bearing System™ • ow vibration / provisions L for vibration monitoring • Low Class B temperature rise • Cast iron construction • 5 Year Warranty Safety •...

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X$DUltra® 841 IEC - 3

Get more for your application Maximizing your investment means getting the most from the motors you choose. More than just getting the job done, motors must be dependable, rugged and built to last. Your application demands the best, and GE delivers. Industries • Petrochem / Oil & Gas • Utilities & Power Generation • Pulp & Paper • General Process Industries Applications • Fans • Pumps • Compressors • Conveyors • And many others • he steel reinforced recessed T slinger, integrated into the drive end and non-drive end, ensures IP55 protection of the bearing system. • ow temperature rise...

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X$DUltra 841 IEC motors– built to a higher standard Six Star Bearing System™ Rotor assembly balanced to ISO 1940 Grade 1.0 for low vibration. Bearings, the life force of a motor, are what keep the X$D Ultra 841 IEC running smoothly. These features protect and lubricate the bearings, adding to the durability and longevity of the X$D Ultra 841 IEC. The vibration level is 50% lower than the requirement of IEEE 841-2009 Standard and can increase bearing life by as much as 60% • versized bearings on both ends of the motor O offer optimum performance. • ast-iron bearing caps with gaskets retain C...

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X$DUltra® 841 IEC - 5

Extra severe duty construction gives you more assurance The X$D Ultra 841 IEC has a rugged, all cast iron construction with corrosion resistant ISO Grade 8.8 metric hardware. A recessed steel reinforced neoprene slinger is used on both the drive end and opposite drive end for better protection from outside elements, and ensures IP55 protection. Oversized, gasketed IP-56 conduit box with lead separation gasket and conduit box cover gasket restricts moisture and contaminants from entering the motor. Terminal block and bronze ground terminal inside the terminal box provides quick and easy...

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Premium energy efficient motors deliver more bottom line savings IE3 Premium Efficiency One of the greatest benefits of the X$D Ultra 841 IEC is its efficiency rating. X$D Ultra 841 IEC motors exceed all IE3 minimum guaranteed efficiency levels, and GE guarantees the minimum efficiency levels stamped on the nameplate. In addition to meeting the IE3 Premium Efficiency Standards, the X$D Ultra 841 IEC motors meet World Zone 2, which includes ATEX, IEC Ex Zone 2 and Class 1, Div. 2, CE Mark and GOST-R. The X$D Ultra 841 IEC motors are the first in the market with IEEE 841 features to meet the...

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GE reliability means more uptime operation Insulation System GEGARD2400™ insulation systems feature Class H insulation materials and exceeds IEC TS 60034-25 requirements by 60% at 400V. All motors are 100% tested to verify the corona inception voltage prior to shipment. • rickle treat varnish system provides a reliable and consistent encapsulation of the stator winding T and utilizes a fully automated computer controlled process. • ow temperature rise designs provide more thermal margin than industry-standard designs L and maximize the bearing and winding life of the motors. Optional AEGIS...

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With GE, you have a single point of responsibility for all your motor needs. GE offers a complete portfolio of equipment from which to choose, including: •  Motors from 1 to 100,000 HP (0.75 to 75,000 kW) •  Generators up to 75 MVA •  Low and medium voltage variable frequency drives •  enclosures: WPI, WPII All TEFC, TEAAC, TEWAC GE has over 125 years of experience in the electrical industry with successful global installations spanning a wide variety of applications. Very few competitors can claim the depth and breadth of experience that GE has in creating and executing solutions for its...

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