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NEMA Premium Extra Severe Duty Motors Expect more.

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Expect more from your motor The GE X$DUltra® meets the demands of your application with efficient, long-lasting and reliable performance. Built to the highest industry standards, it will exceed your expectations for years to come— you can count on GE. Key features Efficiency · NEMA Premium Efficiency Reliability · Inverter duty capability · GEGARD2400™ insulation system · Six Star Bearing System™ · Low vibration / provisions for monitoring · Low Class B temperature rise · Cast iron construction · 5 Year Warranty Safety · 4-point Cast-in lifting lugs · Extended grease fittings

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Maximizing your investment means getting the most from the motors you choose. More than just getting the job done, motors must be dependable, rugged and built to last. Your application demands • Utilities & Power Generation • Water / Wastewater • General Process Industries • Pulp & Paper • Fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors and many others

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higher standard Six Star Bearing System™ Bearings, the life force of a motor, are what keep the X$D Ultra running smoothly. These features protect and lubricate the bearings, adding to the durability and longevity of the X$D Ultra. • Single shielded bearings on both ends open toward the grease cavity to allow maximum opportunity • Cast-iron bearing caps with gaskets retain lubrication and protect the bearing system from contaminants. • Low temperature rise designs- 15% cooler on average than IEEE standards- increase bearing life. bearing life. Rotor assembly 3.75 times better than NEMA...

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Extra severe duty construction gives The X$D Ultra has a rugged, all cast iron construction with corrosion resistant SAE Grade 5 hardware. A recessed steel reinforced neoprene slinger is used on both the drive end and opposite drive end for better protection from outside elements (IP55). Oversized, gasketed conduit box with lead conduit box cover gasket contaminants from Epoxy ester paint system paint requirements. Stainless Steel combination breather/drains allow Embossed 316 stainless steel contains alternate 50Hz data.

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X$D Ultra: NEMA Premium Extra Severe Duty Motors - 6

Premium energy efficient motors deliver more bottom line savings NEMA Premium Efficiency One of the greatest benefits of the X$D Ultra is its efficiency rating. X$D Ultra motors exceed all NEMA minimum guaranteed efficiency levels, and GE guarantees the minimum efficiency levels stamped on the nameplate. X$D Ultra motors comply with the US Energy Independence and Security Act which requires general purpose motors to meet or exceed all NEMA Premium nominal efficiency levels based on NEMA MG1 table 12-12 as of December 19, 2010. • new 100HP 1800RPM X$D Ultra motor can pay A for itself in...

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GE reliability means more uptime operation Insulation System GEGARD2400™ insulation systems feature Class H insulation materials and a 1.25 service factor. This system increases motor protection against IGBT drive voltage spikes up to 2400 volts @ 0.1 microsecond rise time, which exceeds NEMA MG1-31 standards. All motors are tested to verify the corona inception voltage prior to shipment. • Low temperature rise designs maximize the bearing and winding life of the motors. Better built, better performing, better motors. GE X$D Ultra NEMA Motors– You can expect more. ® 5-year manufacturer...

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X$D Ultra: NEMA Premium Extra Severe Duty Motors - 8

with ecomagination, GE imagines and builds innovative solutions that help customers meet environmental challenges and improve their operating performance, while also benefiting the company and the world. As a global leader in energy, technology, manufacturing and infra- structure, GE is uniquely suited to help solve environmental dilemmas- today and If a U.S. industrial user replaces one 100HP 1800RPM Pre-EPAct motor with an X$D Ultra, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by as much as 15 metric tons per year* * Statements based on 8400 hr/yr runtime and $0.065/kWh electrical cost. For...

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