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X$D Ultra 661 - Heat Exchanger Motors

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GE Energy X$D Ultra 661 ® Heat Exchanger Motors 5-75 HP 460 Volt

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Experience, Safety and Quality We've manufactured motors for over 125 years. In 1879, GE founder, Thomas Edison constructed the first electric motor ever made for a 110 to 120 Volt line at Menlo Park, NJ. This device still exists and is operative! It is located in the Edison Historica We continue to innovate manufacturing. Leading the way in six sigma and lean manufacturing processes helps to ensure that GE can deliver the best value in its product X$D Ultra® 661 meets and exceeds user expectations. • The X$D Ultra® 661 incorporates four-point lifting lugs which are integrally cast into the...

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Powerful Features Superior Electrical The X$D Ultra® 661 meets or exceeds NEMA Premium® Nominal efficiencies and exceeds all NEMA Premium® minimum guaranteed efficiencies feature Class H insulation materials and 1.15 service factor. This system increases motor protection against IGBT drive voltage spikes up to 2,400 volts @ 0.1 microsecond rise time, which exceeds NEMA MG1-31 standards. It is also capable of an lnfinite:l variable torque speed range. 2 Meets NEMA design B torque and current requirements. A five-year warranty comes standard with every X$D Ultra® 661 motor. maximum from...

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Selection Guide Stocked as W8 (shaft up) and field-modifiable to W6 (shaft down) except where noted. Drip Cover Kits 118 W6 (shaft down) is standard mount and not fielc 119 W8 (shaft up) is standard mount and not field modifiable Typical 460 Volt Performance Data 1 Shaft diameters 11/2 inchesand smaller wil come within the limits of+0.000 inch, -0.0005 nch diameters 1 5/8 inches and larger +0.000 3 Tolerance on "D" dimension for rigid base motors will be +0.000inch, -0.060 inch. No tolerance has been est. for the "D" dimensior of resilient mounted motors. 18 Motor feet have dual mounting...

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