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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 1

(For 5KXXXX DTTXXXX Model Vertical Motors) > High Thrust Hollow and Solid Shaft Frames 213 - 449 NEMA Type P-Base Weather Protected Type - I Ball Type NRC (Non Reverse Coupling) & Bolted Coupling size="-2">

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 2

High voltage and rotating parts can cause serious or fatal in Avoid extended exposure in close proximity with high noise levels. j uries. Installation, operation and mainte- nance of electric machinery should be performed by qualified personnel. Familiarization with NEMA Publication MG-2, Safety Standard for Construction and Guide for Selection, Installation and Use of Electric Motors and Generators, the National Electrical Code and sound local practices is recommended. Օ Use proper care and procedures in handling, lifting, installing, operating and maintaining the equipment. The motor...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 4

C or 104 а F, unless the motor has been specially designed or otherwise cleared for use in a higher ambient temperature. A. Mounting Locate the motor in a place that is clean and well ventilated. The motor enclosure is designed such that dripping, wind blown and splashing water will not damage the motor. Under conditions of extreme weather and moisture, additional protection, such as a pump house, is recommended; however, the free flow of air around the motor must not be obstructed. The ambient air temperature should not exceed 40 The motor should be lifted by the lugs provided. These lugs...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 5

GEI-M1025 5 2. Vertical Solid Shaft Motors (VSS) Be sure the motor is not running and the power supply is disconnected before working on the motor. These motors are provided with a shaft extension suitable for coupled service and are either straight or tapered as selected by the purchaser. A. Steps Prior to Initial Start-Up or Start-Up After a Long Idle Period Coupling halves should have a close sliding fit on the shaft extension and must be securely locked to avoid 1. Check insulation resistance as indicated in the caution above. hammering out in operation. If it is necessary to drive the...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 6

GEI-M1025 6 c. With the rotor locked and using approximately 10% of rated voltage, pass a current through the stator windings. Increase the current gradually until the temperature reaches 90 C. Do not exceed this temperature. Maintain a temperature of 90 3. In the event of excessive vibration or unusual noise, remove all power and disconnect the machine from the load and check the mounting and alignment. а C until the insulation resistance becomes constant for a one-half hour period. 4. Space heaters (if supplied) should be de- energized during motor operation. 2. Check bearing oil...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 7

GEI-M1025 7 A. General Inspect the motor at regular intervals, as determined by service conditions. Keep the motor clean and the ventilation openings clear. In addition to a daily observation of the overall condition, it is recommended that a regular inspection routine be set up to periodically check the following items. 1. General cleanliness 2. Insulation and windings 3. Lubrication and bearings 4. Coupling bolt tightness B. General Cleanliness Carbon tetrachloride is non-flammable, but is highly toxic. Suitable ventilation should be provided to avoid breathing The interior and exterior...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 9

GEI-M1025 9 B. Type of Grease 3. Prior to Initial Start Oil lubricated ball bearing machines must be mounted on a level surface to prevent leakage of oil to ensure the level indication will be correct. For maximum bearing life, use only the grease recommended by GE. Some equivalent greases are: For Class F insulated motors: Lubrication ) and allowed to stand one (1) hour with oil in the bearings. Polyrex EM Exxon For oil lubricated ball bearing motors, drain oil from the reservoir that was put in at the time of receipt of the motor or during storage, by removing the drain plug located at...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 10

Table 2 , Oil Viscosity. Operation in ambient temperatures that are near or below freezing may require preheating the oil or the use of a special oil. Too heavy an oil could cause the following: a. Increased fluid friction losses resulting in higher operating temperatures. Higher temperatures will cause the oil to oxidize or break down at an accelerated rate. b. A heavy oil tends to churn or foam more than a lighter weight oil. c. Bearings may run warmer because of reduced oil circulation through and around the bearings. Too light an oil may allow the oil film to wipe or break down. For...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 11

GEI-M1025 11 H. When endplay is established, lock the nut in place with the lock washer. > NOTE: The bearing style number is on the motor nameplate. VII. REPAIR AND RENEWAL PARTS VIII. WARRANTY Repair and renewal parts information may be obtained from the nearest GE Industrial Systems representative. Be sure to describe the part or parts required and give the complete nameplate information on the motor for positive identification. Contact your nearest GE Industrial Systems Service Center for details of warranty coverage. Generally, GE Industrial Systems will correct by repair or...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 12

GEI-M1025 12 IX. TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART Affected Parts Difficulty What to Check Windings Overheating Calibration of measuring instrument Օ Excessive load Unbalanced a-c current Օ Improper or restricted ventilation Excessive ambient temperature Օ Short circuited coil or windings Dirty windings Օ Unbalanced voltage Harmonics in power supply (variable frequency control) Bearings Overheating Օ Calibration of measuring instrument Worn out or dirty oil Օ Insufficient oil or grease Misalignment Օ Excessive thrust or radial loading Shaft currents Օ Improper end-play Bearing Housing Oil Leaks...

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Vertical Motor Installation Instructions - 13

Coupling Kit Packing List Item Quantity Coupling 1 Coupling Bolts 3 Coupling Lock Washers 3 Cover Plate 1 Cover Plate Bolts 5 Cover Plate Lock Washers 5 Steel Balls 10 Gib Key 1 Instructions 1 Bolt Torque Chart Frame Size Item Torque (Ft-Lbs) Torque (N-M) 210 5/16 - 18 UNC x 1-3/4 Coupling Bolt 17 23 250/280 3/8 - 16 UNC x 2-1/4 Coupling Bolt 30 41 210 thru 280 1/4 - 20 UNC x 1/2 Cover Plate Bolts 8 11 It shall be the installers responsibility in all cases to ascertain these torque values are used and maintained. This shall include those instances when the coupling comes mounted in the...

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