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Synchronous Hydro Generators Horizontal & Vertical Applications Power: 2,000 – 37,500 kVA Speed: 150 – 900 RPM Voltage: 3,000 – 13,800 Volts Frequency: 50 & 60 Hz

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Experience Matters We’ve manufactured generators for over 100 years. GE has the capability to design and manufacture electrical machines for the most stringent application requirements. This century of achievement has built a rich tradition of technical excellence, quality and reliability. Industry Power Generation – Hydro Energy Application This line of synchronous generators has been specifically designed in response to the growing demand of small hydro plants. It incorporates a full range of features to address the applications and operational conditions demanded by this industry. This...

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Construction Frame The stator frame is made of welded steel construction and manufactured with thick steel plates to prevent distortion during operation. Robust and rugged, these frames are designed to withstand the mass of a stator core, bending stresses and deflections. The frames are designed to minimize vibrations and noise levels. The frame bore is machined to ensure a uniform air gap between the rotor and stator, thereby minimizing the unbalanced magnetic pull. These frames are designed to withstand the extreme stresses due to short circuits. Each machine is designed to be assembled...

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Insulation Mica composite, epoxy resin and vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI) provide a robust and reliable insulation system. The advanced insulation system on all large machines will typically reward you with years of reliable operation. GE’s insulation system is designed to minimize the effect of localized electrical stress and reduce the effects of partial discharge while increasing machine life and reliability. Components are selected to ensure reliability of the system as a whole. The insulation system can meet applicable standards. All wound stators undergo global vacuumpressure...

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Excitation Brushless Excitation System with enamel covered round copper wire. The whole assembly then undergoes a varnish treatment. The exciter stator core is made of laminated, hot rolled or cold rolled steel, held together by steel endplates. The rectifier hub includes liberally rated diodes. The leads from the armature are connected directly to the hub, and the two DC output leads from the hub are connected to the main field and clamped to prevent movement. The exciter is a three-phase AC generator with a rotating threephase bridge rectifier. The DC field coils are wound in a concentric...

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Bearings Bearings Vertical There is a standard arrangement for the bearings configuration: thrust and guide bearing at NDE side and only guide bearing at DE side. NDE thrust bearing is assembled into a housing, which is bolted at the upper endshield, and the upper endshield is bolted against the stator frame. NDE guide bearing works in contact with a thrust block, which is the piece that connects the rotor shaft to the thrust bearing surface, by means of a key connection in the shaft. High-pressure oil lift systems are frequently supplied at NDE thrust bearing to allow easy start-up (due to...

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Cooling System Enclosure and Ventilation The generator is designed for open enclosure (WPI, IP23/24) or totally enclosed air-to-water (TEWAC/CACW) cooling system (top or bottom cooling). Air is circulated inside the machine by two internal fans and the rotor. The radial ducts in the stator core, the design of the end windings and a careful review of the air path, ensure temperature uniformity in all parts of the machine. Bottom Mounted Cooling Cooling circuit for vertical generators

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Options and Accessories Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) PERMANENT MAGNET GENERATOR EXCITER FIELD (PERM. MAGNET) The AVR utilizes a fast response microprocessor to control its AC to DC converter power stage output that provides excitation to the generator to regulate the difference between the generator stator voltage reference set point and feedback signal to zero. Reactive power sharing during parallel operation of generator with other generators or a power system is achieved by the use of droop compensation where the voltage feedback signal is increased by typically 0% to 5% as lagging...

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Accessories • Partial discharge sensor kits • Bearing RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) • Space heater 50/60 Hz • Large oversized fabricated steel main terminal box – frame mounted • Fabricated steel neutral terminal box – frame mounted • Surge Arrestors and/or Surge Capacitors • Current and Potential Transformers • Vibration monitoring equipment • Water leakage detector • Couplings • Generator control and protection panel – optional • Medium voltage switchgear – optional Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics GE’s comprehensive industrial machine monitoring strategy is designed to enhance...

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Testing Test Capability GE has world-class test facilities. Extensive experience in the performance of rotating machinery with all forms of fixed and variable speed drives has been accumulated. • Mechanical Run Including vibration analyses using velometers; dynamic balancing • Efficiency Segregated loss method per IEEE 115 Each machine is tested at the factory before shipment for installation in the field, thus reducing set-up time. • In-Process Testing Rotor impedance, surge test; AC dielectric tests, prior to VPI • Running Tests According to International Standards: NEMA MG1/IEEE 115, IEC...

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