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SVC and STATCOM (Static VAr Compensator and Static Synchronous Compensator) Proven power electronics technology to strengthen grid operation

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The grid stability challenge How do you maintain grid stability and voltage control in both steady-state and transient conditions in today's world? The evolving power generation scene is becoming ever more challenging for Transmission System Operators - a larger share of renewables, retirement of base-load plants, increased environmental regulation and greater cross-border trading are all making grid stability more complex. To maintain reliability and quality of power supply in this environment, economical and efficient solutions are needed to provide dynamic voltage support and fast...

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SVC (Static VAr Compensator) GE's SVCs are built around our well proven high-power thyristor valves which are widely used for industrial and transmission applications. SVC system capability • Thyristor-based technology • From 20 MVAr to 600 MVAr • Controls based on industry standard components • Remote monitoring and diagnostics • Solutions for industrial and grid applications • Containerized options SVC thyristor valves • Range up to 300MVAr • Voltages up to 63kV • Power circuit consisting of two or three stacks • Snubbers, divider resistors for thyristor protection • Water-cooled • Easy...

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Service from GE - minimizing risk, maximizing productivity We understand the vital importance of process availability - and our focus on service keeps us actively engaged, both when things are going right, and when they are going wrong. With a comprehensive global network of service engineers and technicians, GE is uniquely positioned to provide the knowledge, experience and skills for your full range of industrial service requirements—protect assets, maintain critical processes, minimize risks and maximize productivity. We deliver original equipment spares around the world as well as...

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