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Quantum®  LMV - 1

LV/MV Induction Motor NEMA 500 Frame up to 800 HP IEC 315 Frame up to 600 kW 230/460V, 460V, 575V 2300,4000,6600V 2-12 Pole

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Quantum®  LMV - 2

All induction motors are not built the same. NEMA Frame Size *Maximum power available determined by voltage and pole Frame Size *Maximum power available determined by voltage and pole Purchasing dependable electric motors is an investment in the reliability of your operation, and system reliability means serious savings to your bottom line. We’ve engineered motors to address all of the top factors that can shorten motor life: Bearings Windings • Heat • Heat • Stress, Fatigue • Inverters • Vibration • Voltage problems • Misalignment • Load • Contamination • Contamination • Lubrication •...

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Quantum®  LMV - 3

What makes Quantum better? Unique Design Inverter Duty Reliability Superior Bearings An internal frame air circuit with patented frame D-Ducts and trapezoidal rotor vents dramatically increases airflow for a cooler operating motor. This gives more flexibility in choosing frame sizes. Optional Insulated bearings and drive end shaft grounding ring are optional. This minimizes the impact of harmful shaft voltages. A separate blower is available for constant torque applications. Available self-aligning spherically seated sleeve bearings allow the motor to adapt to the best position for the...

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Quantum®  LMV - 4

A wide range of standard motors. These pre-engineered NEMA ratings offer reduced cycle times and stock level pricing to save you time and cost. Quantum™ LMV Severe Duty 460, 575V HP Quantum™ LMV Severe Duty 2300/4000V 3600 RPM Quantum™ LMV with IEEE 841 Features 460, 575V HP Quantum™ LMV with IEEE 841 Features 2300/4000V HP www.gemotorswolong.com Quantum LMV, trademark of Wolong Electric America LLC. NEMA Premium is a trademark of NEMA. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company. Manufactured under trademark license. ©2020, Wolong Electric America LLC. All rights reserved GEA30822 (4

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