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Quantum LMV brochure

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Low and Medium Voltage AC Induction Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors NEMA 500 Frames IEC 315 Frames 200-800 HP 150-600 kW 2-12 Pole

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Ratings to Fit Your Applications NEMA 60 Hz* Frame Size Severe Duty IEEE-841 API-547 IEC Frame Size Severe Duty IEEE-841 API-547 API-541 * Listed voltages are standard. Other voltages are available. For your application requirements, contact your GE sales representative. Quantum LMV motors comply with the following standards and certifications: NEMA IEC IEEE 841 CSA API 547 and 541 Division 2 Zone 2 AEx nA

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Proven Reliability GE’s Quantum LMV-TEFC motors are designed and built to operate under extreme and harsh conditions in industries including Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining and General Process. Unique frame design, incorporating D-Ducts to dramatically increase airflow. • Trapezoidal rotor vents for superior cooling and heat distribution. Operating in applications that include pumps, blowers, compressors, crushers and conveyors, Quantum LMV TEFC motors meet these industry demands with superior features. External fan, cover and enclosure engineered for low noise and maximum heat...

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What makes Quantum LMV better? Unique Design The Quantum frame design utilizes an internal air circuit with patent pending frame D-Ducts and trapezoidal rotor vents. This unique shape found in GE motors dramatically increases airow for a cooler operating motor at a lower, more versatile shaft height. Increased airow and cooler operating temperatures extend motor life and increase reliability. Superior cooling and heat distribution Low surface temperatures for Division 2 and Zone 2 environments • Inverter Duty Reliability Insulated drive and/or non-drive end bearings with an Aegis shaft...

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Quantum™ LMV The Quantum LMV rotor features multiple oversized vents for maximum cooling, resulting in a low temperature rise. The rotor and internal fan are shrink-fit onto the shaft, meeting API specifications. Default material is cast aluminum, however fabricated copper bar is optional. B A stiff frame and increased foot strength leads to a lower vibration and increased horsepower capability. Rigid feet, constructed using class 30 cast iron, offer solid mounting and a high degree of safety during the starting cycle of the machine. This rugged construction also allows the motor to run in...

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A wide range of catalog motors. These pre-engineered NEMA ratings offer reduced cycle times and stock level pricing to save you time and cost. Quantum™ LMV Severe Duty 460, 575V Quantum™ LMV with IEEE 841 Features 460, 575V

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Global Expertise Rotating Machine Factories Converter Factories Business Centers Proven Experience Complete Product Offering GE offers a complete portfolio of rotating machines. Innovative Technology Few manufacturers can claim the depth and breadth of experience that GE has in building and delivering electrical and mechanical solutions for customers. World-Class Service GE has the global resources and capabilities to maximize the performance and reliability of your machines. GE is constantly innovating product technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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MAIN OFFICES Australia, Botany Tel: +61 (0) 2 8313 9980 South Africa, Midrand Tel: +2711237 0000 South Korea, Busan Tel: +82 51 710 9015 www.gepowerconversion.com Quantum is a Trademark of General Electric Company Copyright © 2014 General Electric Company and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. GEA31442A-EN (09/2014)

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