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Experience Matters We have manufactured motors and generators for over 125 years. In 1879, GE founder, Thomas Edison constructed the first electric motor for a 110 to 120 volt line at Menlo Park, NJ. This device still exists and is operative! It is located in the Edison Historical Collection in New Jersey. GE’s experience in the power generation industry spans over a century GE is a global supplier of synchronous and asynchronous motors and generators with over a century of experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machines for multiple applications. Our products are designed for...

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Fossil Fossil fuels produce approximately 63% of total world electricity production. Coal, oil, and gas are called "fossil fuels" because they have been formed from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Burning coal produces sulphur dioxide, an acidic gas that contributes to the formation of acid rain. This can be largely avoided using "flue gas desulphurisation" to clean up the gases before they are released into the atmosphere. The demand for electricity—the most versatile energy available in the world—is ever increasing. Steam and gas turbines are the most common means...

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Nuclear Nuclear energy supplies over 16% of the world's electricity. A nuclear reactor is used to generate electricity. This is accomplished in a clean and efficient way by boiling water to make steam which drives turbine generators. Except for the reactor itself, a nuclear power station works like most coal or gas-fired power stations. GE motors are installed worldwide in many nuclear power generation stations. We have extensive design, application, and manufacturing experience in safety (1E) and non-safety (non-1E) environment motors. Over 2,000,000 horsepower of GE motors are installed...

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Hydro We have used running water as an energy source for thousands of years. Hydro power stations produce approximately 17% of total world electricity production. More and more utilities and independent power producers are seeing the advantages of going with small- and medium-size hydro projects—because they need less capital investment—are easier to develop and provide faster pay back. Hydroelectric power stations can increase to full power very quickly, unlike other power stations. Water stored above the dam will be able to help cope with peaks in demand. GE is a world leader in the...

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Wind Modern wind turbines operate together on farms to capture the energy in shifting air currents to produce electricity for large and small utilities. Wind energy is environmentally clean, with no fuel cost, and can be applied in remote locations. Motor Applications Blade Pitch Turbine Yaw Wind Turbine As the requirement of green energy is increasing rapidly to comply with the Kyoto Protocol and governmental regulations worldwide, more utilities and Independent Power Producers (IPP) are looking toward wind power generation. Because of this, wind power generation has a very high growth...

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Geothermal Heat from the earth is an ever-present and mostly untapped energy source. Today, geothermal plants channel water deep underground to heat it sufficiently to produce steam. This drives a steam turbine to produce electricity. This type of process has significant environmental and economic advantages over other sources of electricity production. Only a small fraction of our available geothermal resources are being used today. A widening recognition of geothermal energy will only lead to a greater implementation. Steam Turbine Generator Electric Power Motor Applications Boiler Feed...

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People, Service, and Systems GE Motors has teams of highly motivated and technically skilled application engineers, sales, and project support staff that help to ensure you have an optimal and cost-efficient solution for your needs. Pre-Order and Product Application Support • Experienced inside and outside sales force • Application engineering available to optimize your solution (factory and field) • Web-based tools customized for each user’s needs — Pre-order product information — Order and project management • Spare parts program — Minimize downtime with an adequate spare parts inventory...

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GE Motors' continuous product development allows us to bring new solutions for oil and gas applications. We have a proven design process utilizing the latest three-dimensional modeling tools. These allow us to custom build the machine on a computer to meet or exceed customer expectations as well as conforming as requested to the latest standards. Among the tools used are: • Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis — Flux distribution analysis — Computational fluid dynamics — Stress analysis — Four pole rotor — Wound stator — Dynamic modal analysis Product Development i AC Induction motor is...

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For more information, please contact your GE sales representative. GE Energy Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Motors 800 541 7191 Parts 800 458 0451 www.ge-energy.com/motors © 2009 General Electric Company. All rights reserved. The GE Monogram, Custom 8000, Series 9000, Pegasus, Quantum, Quadramatic, Quadratorque, X$D Ultra, Energy $aver are trademarks and ecomagination is a service mark of General Electric Company. GEA-17839 (09/2009) DEA-M1029

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