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Small Machines Make A Big Impact Electric motors make an average of total power cost* Average cost of unplanned downtime for a typical industrial processing plant** Our Solutions • Multiple suppliers, designs and specifications tying up resources. • Frame agreements increase supply and specification efficiency freeing up resources. • Frequent unplanned maintenance disrupting operations requiring replacement motors onsite. • Less unplanned maintenance and downtime with more robust motor designs. • Older low efficient motors eating profits. • +1% energy efficiency gains translate to less than...

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Higher Efficiency and Less Downtime Meeting Heavy Industrial Application Requirements GE offers low voltage motors for most upstream, midstream and downstream applications. From a deep offshore production facility, to a Gas to Liquid (GTL) facility in Saudi Arabia or the extreme cold environments of the Canadian Oil Sand fields, our durable and efficient motors provide a reliable lifeline to critical production equipment. Strict adherence to industry and application specifications also help ensure less downtime. Application Type Blowers Heat Exchangers Cooling Ventilation Starting...

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Application Considerations Consider Lifecycle Operating Costs First Innovative Patented Air-Cooling Technology Low Vibration Means Long Life The initial cost of an electric motor makes up 5% or less of the total cost of operation. So all aspects of the motor operation should be considered when purchasing motors. GE engineers found a better way to air cool bearings in larger frame vertical TEFC motors. The design improvements result in an amazing ~30OC temperature reduction helping to dramatically extend bearing and winding life. Vibration is bad for motors and driven equipment. Motor...

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Durable and Reliable Technology GEGARDTM Insulation offers added protection in severe applications. Our Class H GEGARD insulation system is designed to excel in variable frequency drive applications where lesser designs often short circuit and cause overcurrent trips. Rigid and recessed severeduty shaft slinger provides bearing system protection. GEGARD Insulation 180°C Class H 1.15 SF Cast iron bearing cap with gasket retains lubricant and protects the interior of the motor and the bearing system from contaminants. Industry Standard Thermal Margin Altitude Voltage Unbalance Thermal Margin...

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Product Portfolio Energy Saver XP NEMA Severe Duty NEMA IE3 NEMA Premium Efficient Protects Systems in Hazardous Zones This versatile and robust design is ideal for a wide range of challenging industrial applications and environments. Based on the X$D Ultra mechanical and electrical design for the global market. Ideal for extreme environments. This enclosure has been specially designed to contain any sparking for hazardous environments where volatile gases may be present. MODELS • XSD Ultra • XSD Ultra 841 MODEL • Energy Saver XP • Energy Saver Technical Capabilities Technical Capabilities...

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Proven Technology Heat Exchange NEMA IE3 Vertical Pump NEMA IE3 Medium Voltage NEMA Stable, Reliable, Efficient Severe Duty, Long Lasting Specially rated and ideally suited for harsh outdoor heat exchange applications. Combines extra severe duty engineering with advanced thrust and cooling technologies. Designed to operate in extreme Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining and general process environments and applications. MODELS • Ultra Series Vertical • Large Custom Vertical • Vertical Fire Pump • ULTRASNOW-V Pump MODEL • Quantum LMV • Quantum V • Quantum 580 Technical Capabilities...

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Access has never been easier! Motor Catalog View updated information about standard motors on your mobile device. It can also be viewed offline and printed. Find a distributor. Download datapacks. Access support library. Type keyword “gemotorswolong” News Follow us on LinkedIn The latest developments, new product introductions and special industry events.

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