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Experience Matters We have manufactured motors and generators for over 125 years. In 1879, GE founder, Thomas Edison constructed the first electric motor for a 110 to 120 volt line at Menlo Park, NJ. This device still exists and is operative! It is located in the Edison Historical Collection in New Jersey. GE’s experience in the Oil and Gas Industry spans over a century GE offers a complete motor/drive/generator solution for most upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. With an increasing need for oil and gas exploration, production, storage, transportation, and refining, the...

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Upstream consists of all activities relevant to the exploration and production sectors within the oil and gas industry. Extreme cold or hot environments are just a few of the conditions around the globe for upstream applications. Many offshore sites are remote and equipment is installed in confined spaces. GE Motors can meet these demanding requirements with a full range of robust and compact electric motors, generators, and Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs). Motor Applications For offshore platforms and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facilities, GE offers synchronous...

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Midstream Midstream is a term commonly used for those industry activities that apply to the processing, storage, and transportation of crude oil and natural gas. Transporting crude oil and natural gas for processing involves operating and maintaining an extensive infrastructure. This involves a massive network of pipelines, booster stations, gathering and processing plants, and storage tanks. Uptime is essential because any equipment failure in one of these processes can disrupt the crucial supply of oil and gas. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal Motor Applications Common...

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Downstream Downstream operations include oil refining, marketing, and natural gas transmission and distribution. This includes byproducts such as chemicals and fertilizers. Motor Applications This sector represents the most diverse range of applications requiring new products with the best technologies. With increasing output requirements for rotating equipment, the need for large induction (asynchronous) and synchronous machines is important. Of course, reliability and safety are always a top priority for this segment. For refrigerant compressors or main air blowers, GE offers motors and...

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GE Products GE offers both induction (asynchronous) and synchronous motors for many types of centrifugal compressors. GE’s induction motor line is offered from 1 to 17,000 HP (.75 to 13,000 kW) per NEMA or IEC standards as well as API 541 and 547. GE’s synchronous motor line is available up to 100,000 HP (75,000 kW) per NEMA or IEC standards as well as API 546. For our four and six pole synchronous machines, GE Motors utilizes a solid cylindrical forging. With this design we eliminate the need for bolted pole tips and improve reliability while offering best-in-class efficiencies. A four...

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choice for any low-voltage NEMA motor application. It features 0.04 inches per second (IPS) vibration specification. This motor has the highest overall efficiency in the industry and a 2000 volt insulation system which exceeds NEMA MG1 part 31 for motors operating on ASDs. For added protection against contamination, this motor also includes a non-contact laybrinth seal on both the drive and opposite drive ends. For increased safety, the motor is manufactured with four lifting lugs integrally cast into the frame. All this is backed with a GE Motors has a full line of ASDs from small micro...

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People, Service and Systems GE Motors has teams of highly motivated and technically skilled application engineers, sales, and project support staff that help to ensure you have an optimal and cost-efficient solution for your needs. Pre-Order and Product Application Support • Experienced inside and outside sales force • Application engineering available to optimize your solution (factory and field) • Web-based tools customized for each user’s needs — Pre-order product information — Order and project management • Spare parts program — Minimize downtime with an adequate spare parts inventory...

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GE Motors continuous product development allows us to bring new solutions for oil and gas applications. We have a proven design process utilizing the latest three-dimensional modeling tools. These allow us to custom build the machine on a computer to meet or exceed customer expectations as well as conforming as requested to the latest standards. Among the tools used are: • Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis — Flux distribution analysis — Computational fluid dynamics — Stress analysis — Four pole rotor — Wound stator — Dynamic modal analysis Product Development i AC Induction motor is a...

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For more information, please contact your GE sales representative. GE Energy Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Motors 800 541 7191 Parts 800 458 0451 www.ge-energy.com/motors © 2009 General Electric Company. All rights reserved. The GE Monogram, Custom 8000, Series 9000, Pegasus, Quantum, Quadramatic, Quadratorque, X$D Ultra, Energy $aver are trademarks and ecomagination is a service mark of General Electric Company. GEA-17820 (08/2009)

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