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MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) Reliable, high performance medium voltage drive

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The next generation of drive technology Cutting-edge power electronics technology and decades of process expertise come together in the MV7000 — a world-class medium voltage drive suitable for a wide range of power conversion applications. Easy to install and maintain, the drive offers high reliability and availability and helps increase the uptime of critical processes. The MV7000 FP provides both a flexible approach to achieve a customized solution across different applications and on the shelf configurations. With the MV7000 FP our power conversion expertise helps increase operating...

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Reliability & availability The higher reliability and lower maintenance needs of a variable speed drive system compared to gearboxes and hydraulic couplings result in lower lifecycle cost. Short repair times thanks to optimized design also directly improve customer system availability. Saving energy, caring for the environment In today’s world more than ever, energy saved is energy produced. For a variety of loads, from water pumps to gas compressors, variable speed control offers the best way to capture energy savings. The introduction of variable speed drives in customers’ systems when...

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MV7000 FP drive — Enhanced technology Key benefits • High reliability and availability • Power scalability with customizable options featuring: – ow harmonics without additional L equipment – our quadrant operation for F regenerative applications – ptional Transformerless design O allows for compactness and smooth integration of existing loads direct to line – ommon DC bus system for energy C savings –High performance process control – isor Connect supports warranty V with remote real-time support and advice • Front access maintenance • Available in Air Cooled and Water Cooled versions to...

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High reliability and availability The MV7000 FP drive is a great example of a design philosophy based on minimizing component count while retaining peak performance. Press-pack IGBT (PPI) power devices enable: • The capability to limit overcurrent with safe turn-off under all operating and failure conditions • High commutation speed for high switching frequency and low losses Rectifier Cooling Unit water/water • Capability to limit over-current with safe turn-off • Long life expectancy even under load cycling thanks to AlSiC base plate • Effective performance even at low motor frequency...

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Power scalability with customizable options The MV7000 FP drive comes in a standard Diode-Front-End (DFE) rectifier configuration. Low harmonics without additional equipment Four quadrant operation for energy savings • Available in 12, 18 and 24-pulse DFE configuration • Low levels on harmonics – IEEE 519 compliant • No additional filters necessary • Fully able to handle faults such as voltage dips • For regenerative applications, an active-front-end (AFE) is available • Regeneration of the energy to the network through IGBT bridge • Sinusoidal input with negligible harmonics • Unity power...

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MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) - 8

Transformerless design for compactness The MV7000 FP drive is available in transformerless design • AFE with additional input filter to reduce line harmonics • Big savings in capital cost, installation cost and footprint • Increased overall system efficiency and reliability Transformerless design Common DC bus system for energy savings For multi-drive applications, a common DC link system is available • Shared Active-Front-End rectifier configuration • Saves energy by the redistribution of power from braking • Reduction in overall equipment cost, operating cost and footprint Common DC bus...

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MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) - 9

Customer Site Site Equipment Remote Connection GE PC remote engineer Dedicated Portal Automation & DP Visor DMZ GE PC Global Service Operations Central Data Warehouse and Analytics Visor Connect with Proficy historian Visor Connect: Remote connection to equipment, monitoring and support Visor Connect provides secured remote connection to GE equipment (outside the control network). Remote connection enables GE‘s service engineers to provide real-time support, ongoing health analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as basic configuration management support. Key benefits •...

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Incoming power dip ride-through The MV7000 FP drive provides incoming power loss ride-through and keeps the process running without tripping. Under-voltage operation The MV7000 FP drive operates continuously and provides power to the motor at a lower input supply voltage (down to 70% of nominal voltage). Flying start into a spinning load The MV7000 FP drive offers the ability to catch and take control of a spinning load without any damaging torque, voltage or current impacting the equipment if started while the load is already spinning. Critical speed avoidance The MV7000 FP drive can be...

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MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) - 11

MV7000 FP drive A la carte option packaging Feature suite for every application Standard product customizable with pre-engineered options including, but not limited to: • Redundant pump for cooling • Customizable process control • Communication protocols • Harsh environment packaging • Up and down synchronous transfer Motor friendly • Suited for synchronous, induction and permanent magnet motors • Output waveforms reduce motor losses • Reduced motor noise and vibration • No significant motor shaft torque pulsations • Wide speed range with a consistent response

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MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) - 12

Output VFD C .. Rectifier Power Output voltage frame size type output I current Table shows the typical ratings for variable torque load applications. Please contact GE sales for constant torque applications.

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voltage l frame size Depth Weight

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MV7000 FP drive specifications Output power Output voltage Output frequency Input voltage Input frequency Auxiliary voltage Line side converter Load side inverter VFD system efficiency Power factor Input harmonics Mode of operation Mode of control Analog input / output Digital input / output Speed regulation LAN interface Protective functions Enclosure Ambient / elevation Insulation coordination VFD ratings 0.7 - 10MW 3.3 up to 6.6kV 15-90 Hz, 0 to 15 Hz and 90 to 300Hz on request 3 to 6.6kV ±10% Txless, 3-650kV with transformer 50 or 60 Hz ±5% 3 phase, 400 V, 440 V, 480 V, or 600 V; 50/60...

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