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MV6 Medium Voltage Drive Leading next generation technology High density, fault tolerant and versatile

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Table of Content Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive …………………P2

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Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive Medium voltage variable frequency drives (MV VFD) enable greatly improved efficiency, control accuracy and operational flexibility in your process. Compared with fixed speed operation and low voltage variable frequency drive, in more and more applications, MV VFD's has proven saving substantial capital and/or operational cost to end users, as standalone drives or as part of complex system solutions. Simple & efficient control of Appropriate power usage in Avoid peak demand charges your process response to load When starting large motors with VFDs,...

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GE offers the MV6 series medium voltage variable frequency drive (MV VFD) that boasts highest power density in industry, unique robustness and fault tolerance capability, and best-in-class power quality and efficiency, achieved through GE's patented multi-level nested neutral-point-pilot (nested NPP) technology. MV6 series VFD is one of the most versatile medium voltage drives on the market configurations that cover voltage range of 2.3 kV-6.9 kV and power range of 350kW – 10 MW. With GE’s deep and extensive experience in general industry and mission critical applications. MV6 VFD can be...

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AFE Control, Input & Output Power Electronics Power Stack Touch screen Flying cap Power supply Grounding switch Output terminal Sine filter Input terminal Diode rectifier Power Electronics Control & Output Touch screen Power stack 36p transformer Power supply Flying cap DC link Grounding switch Output terminal

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Bumpless Fault Tolerance at Power Device Level With GE’s smart gate drive and device serialization technology, MV6 practically eliminates the most common and dangerous failure mode of shoot-through. MV6 offers N+1 redundancy at power device level with bumpless fault tolerance feature as option. It has inherently built-in high voltage margin to ensure higher reliability and avoid voltage derating for high altitude applications. Ease of System Integration and Grid Friendly MV6 DFE provides an integral 36-pulse diode rectifier as standard offer. It can meet the most stringent grid harmonic...

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> Friendly User Interface and Rich Control Features An easy to use LCD touch screen is provided as standard offer for operations featured with: • Password protected access • Local command setting and operation button • Power flow live mimic • Signal trend record • Fault history • Multi - language support Flying start into a spinning load The MV6 offers the ability to catch and take control of a spinning load without any damaging torque, voltage or current impacting the equipment if started while the load is already spinning. Login <§> AsJfn rifttralur Critical speed avoidance The MV6 can be...

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Visor Connect provides secured remote connection to GE equipment (outside the control network). Remote connection enables GE‘s service engineers to provide real-time support, ongoing health analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as basic configuration management support. Key benefits • Reduce unscheduled downtime • Real-time support and advice • Customers can access GE's global Services organization 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world Remote Connection Dedicated GE Global Service Operations Central Data Warehouse and Analytics Visor Connect with...

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Diode Front End With standard integral 36-pulse transformer and diode rectifier, MV6 DFE offers one of the highest power quality diode-front-end VFD on the market. The high power quality eliminates the need for grid studies even when applied to projects with most stringent grid code requirements, thus it greatly simplifies the effort for system integration. The flexibility of DFE solution allows MV6 to adapt to much wider range of grid voltage levels around the world, regardless of motor voltage level. The simplicity and low parts count of DFE solution provides high reliability. DFE...

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MV6 can be configured with two modes of cooling fan redundancy: hot standby and cold standby. With hot standby mode, redundant fans work together with primary fans. No switchover needed and no risk of air flow interruption in case of single fan failures. With cold standby mode, redundant fan stands by at non-operation status. Fans automatically switch over once over temperature is detected or air pressure lost. Up and down synchronous transfer • Start multiple motors one-by-one and transfer them to utility lines • Run the last motor continuously on VFD at variable speed • Increased energy...

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Power Quality Benefits Power quality input Input power factor Using either the 36 pulse DFE or the AFE option, the MV6 Series meets the most stringent industry requirements for harmonic limits. • Clean power input • IEEE 519-1992 standard compliant • No external filters • No harmonic disturbance to other online equipment • 0.96 power factor DFE or unity (default) power factor AFE • No need for power factor correction equipment • With AFE, VARs can be supplied to utility lines as an option Motor-friendly output - drive of choice for new & retrofit applications • Multi-level PWM...

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Transformer Power control Trtrcsformef Power control Power control

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Services From GE - A Focus On Availability We understand the vital importance of process availability ― and our focus on service keeps us actively engaged, both when things are going right, and when they are going wrong. Our world-class Global Customer Service and Support Center is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our strategic distribution centers and authorized distributors carry an extensive inventory of GE’s drives, allowing us to quickly fulfill your genuine replacement part needs, no matter where you are located. With a comprehensive global network of service engineers and...

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