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MV4 Series - 1

MV4 Series The compact, general purpose medium voltage drive

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MV4 Series - 2

Drive technology for the challenges of tomorrow Enabling increased efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in your processes, GE offers an advanced aircooled medium voltage drive for efcient motor control. Building on our extensive experience, the MV4 Series drive provides a exible modular approach using common building blocks to achieve a customized solution. Easy to install and maintain, the MV4 Series can save space in the electrical room, and offer high availability – all critical factors to improving your performance and process effectiveness. All MV4 Series drives come equipped with...

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MV4 Series - 3

Why a variable frequency drive? MV4 Series – A game-changing product Simple & efcient control of your process Appropriate power usage in response to load Variable frequency drives (VFDs) regulate motor speed to control the ow and pressure of blowers or pumps without dampers or throttling valves. This results in energy savings and no output waste. VFDs also provide a soft start to the motors, reducing the stress on driven load and resulting in lower maintenance costs. A VFD manages power based on actual demand and uses only the energy required by the driven equipment to provide valuable...

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MV4 Series - 4

Key benets Transformerless AFE design • Simpler, smaller and lighter, while limiting the supply harmonics and increasing the motor insulation life • Reduced heat load and smaller space and HVAC requirements in the control room • Lower transportation costs due to the smaller size and low weight Modular construction • Easy power module replacement • Common building blocks – reduced spare parts cost and lower cost of ownership • Power scalability Arc ash protected — design for personnel safety Power channel bypass option Power channel bypass with N+1 redundancy option • Enclosure and doors...

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MV4 Series - 5

Site Equipment Remote Connection GE remote engineer Power quality benets Customer Site Dedicated Portal Automation & DP Visor DMZ GE Global Service Operations Central Data Warehouse and Analytics Visor Connect with Procy historian Clean power input IEEE 519-1992 standard compliant No external lters No harmonic disturbance to other online equipment Motor-friendly output – drive of choice for new and retrot applications • Sinusoidal output waveforms – no additional stress on motor • Low VFD-induced torque ripple • No special motor insulation • No motor de-rating • Works with standard motors •...

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MV4 Series - 6

Process control benets MV4 Series drive options Critical speed avoidance One drive for multiple motors À la carte option packaging The MV4 Series drive provides six-cycle power loss ride-through and keeps the process running without tripping. The MV4 Series drive can be programmed for up to three critical frequency bands and ride-through these without any resonance issues. Under-voltage operation The MV4 Series operates continuously and provides available power to the motor at a lower input supply voltage (up to 70% of nominal voltage). Flying start into a spinning load The MV4 Series...

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MV4 Series - 7

Motor Shaft Power Motor Shaft Power Motor Shaft Power Table shows the typical ratings for variable torque load applications. Please contact GE sales for constant torque applications. Dimensions & weights : Output power : Frames (HP/kW) Height with blower: 118" (2,997mm) Output power Width : Weight (HP/kW) ! (inches/mm): (Ibs./kg)

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MV4 Series - 8

MV4 Series drive specications VFD ratings Output power Output voltage Output frequency Input voltage Input frequency Auxiliary voltage Power quality Line side converter PWM active front end; IGBTs Load side inverter Power factor Input harmonics Energy storage DC link Self-healing, long life, lm capacitors VFD control Mode of operation V/Hz; with sensor or sensor-less vector Analog input / output (4) inputs (speed/torque) / (4) outputs (programmable) Digital input / output (4) inputs / (8) outputs standard Speed regulation +/- 0.5 % without encoder; +/- 0.1 % with encoder LAN interface...

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MV4 Series - 9

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