MV3000 BDM Variable Speed Drive


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GE ENERGY CONNECTIONS | POWER CONVERSION GE ADVANTAGE With more than 40 years of experience in installing drive power, GE is the recognised leader in the industry providing reliable high quality drives. Designed throughout for effortless ownership - the MV3000 sets new standards for variable speed drives for size, ease of use and process availability. ENERGY SAVINGS GE's variable speed drive solutions helping to reduce energy consumption of a motor by up to 60%. Saving energy by eliminating, dampers, valves, throttling whilst reducing running costs. GE's versatile solution designed to control process variables speed, flow, temperatures, pressure. Implemented to solve mechanical problems including; Noise, shock, loads, mechanical stresses. CRITICAL SPARE PARTS IDENTIFICATION & SPARE PART AVAILABILITY Availability of critical spares and comprehensive service support including remote support. The GE parts team are available to advise the appropriate spares and consumable parts for you to hold in stock. For those emergencies - the team will support provide the parts you need on time and at the quality you expect. 24/7 AVAILABILITY SUPPORT At GE, we understand the goals of your organization are demanding, and evolving. To help you meet these goals here at GE Power Conversion we provide a service that goes beyond just waiting for your call. We offer a comprehensive range of aftermarket services and technical support.

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MV3000 BDM Variable Speed Drive - 2

GE ENERGY CONNECTIONS | POWER CONVERSION PROVEN RELIABILITY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS TECHNICAL DATA The MV3000 represents a revolution in both control and power technology. Building on the success of the previous Micro-cubicle design generation, the range incorporates a wide array of enhancements that confirm GE to be a world leader in the Performance - Power rating between 22 kW and design and manufacture of variable speed drives. 315 kW and voltage between 380-690 V The MV3000 can be configured to suit many industrial, Updated Skiip power module (Skiip 2 to Skiip 3) and...

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