Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors


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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 1

Medium / High Voltage and High Speed 190 to 100,000 kW 250 to 134,000 HP

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 2

GE has been setting the standard in manufacturing motors for over 125 years.

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 3

GE manufactured motors for some of the first commercial and industrial electrical applications. We continue to deliver innovative mechanical power solutions to the world. We continue to innovate with product quality Motors are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently and reliably in challenging applications and severe environments where reliability and ease of maintenance is critical. Standards & Certifications We work with all global standards such as ABS, API, ATEX, CSA, GOST, IEC, IEEE, and NEMA. GE machines are available for use in Division I or II and Zone 1, 2, or 22. GE...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 4

Weather Protected WPII, IC0A1 Totally Enclosed Air to Air Cooled TEAAC/CACA, IC6A1A6

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 5

Pipe Ventilated, Forced Ventilated Totally Enclosed Water to Air Cooled Enclosures Designed for Performance Global Enclosure Designations for Heat Exchange Designs IEC and NEMA Enclosure Codes IP IC Open, Drip proof and/or weather protected (ODP, WPI, WPII) Open, externally ventilated (machine mounted blower) (ODP) Duct ventilated (separate blower) (TEPV) Totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) Totally enclosed fan cooled (machine mounted blower) (TEFC) Totally enclosed air-to-air cooled (TEAAC, CACA) Totally enclosed air-to-air cooled (machine...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 6

Superior Construction Stator Frame and Magnetic Core • Low Loss Core Design • Easy Access for Routine Maintenance • Low Vibration - Long Life Our stator frame has been optimized utilizing advanced finite element analysis tools. Over the decades, these structures have been proven to comply with the most demanding industry standards and requirements. The stator core is made up of low loss, high grade electrical sheet steel insulated with an inorganic coating. By combining high performance materials, well-proven design techniques and modern manufacturing tools, we are able to offer some of the...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 7

Insulation System The reliability of our insulation systems are validated through a combination of rigorous qualification testing and service life experience. Our insulation system ensures long life and reliability by meeting the stringent mechanical and thermal requirements of a wide range of challenging specifications. Our system is comprised of specially engineered materials selected for thermal capability, high dielectric strength, electrical reliability and chemical resistance. The system then undergoes a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) process for added protection and rigidity....

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 8

Rotors to Fit Your Applications Cage Induction Rotors High Performance Rugged Reliability Small Footprint This well proven industry work horse is available in a number of different designs from low voltage fractional horse power up to 300 ton machines. Designs are offered with copper or copper alloy, or for smaller machines, both copper and fabricated aluminum. Each machine is optimized to suit specific needs by modifying the stator and stator winding as well as the rotor cage bar profiles and materials. In this way a design can be optimized to give the right starting torque capability,...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 9

Synchronous Rotors Highest Available Efficiency Brushless Excitation for Minimum Maintenance and Maximum Reliability Synchronous motors are utilized for a number of applications across a broad range of industries. Because of the high efficiency and controllable power factor of the design, utility costs (and CO2 emissions) are minimal. Starting characteristics and normal operating performance can be optimized separately and independently giving you the benefits of both. A number of different design options are available for your application. Included are laminated and solid pole designs – both...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 10

Bearings and Lubrication Plain white metal or rolling element endshield-mounted bearings are available appropriate to the motor speed and application. All bearings are of the highest quality produced to the standards of internationally recognized manufacturers. This ensures replacement bearings will be readily available.

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 11

Endshield & Pedestal Sleeve Bearings Endshield & Pedestal Sleeve Bearings These bearing designs incorporate specially developed multiple labyrinth floating oil and air-seals. This ensures dynamic pressure changes inside the motor will not adversely affect the lubrication system and allow for IP56 degree protection. Center flange bearings are used on larger machines improving rotor dynamic performance and overall efficiency. Self-contained or flood lubricated options are available along with suitable provisions for emergency run-down. Rolling Element / Anti-Friction Bearings Ball or roller...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 12

High Speed Motors Induction Ranges With over 120 machines in our reference list, GE is the leading supplier of high speed motors. We have 20 years of experience with this design and are constantly improving it to ensure reliable performance for this demanding application. Our third generation MGV induction range is based on a reliable ‘stiff-shaft’ design. Available with a Class H insulation system, sleeve, tiling pad or active magnetic bearings, we offer a flexible design suitable for a broad range of applicatio

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 14

Parts & Services Superior Product Quality • OEM parts designed using the latest materials and manufacturing processes. • A full complement of spare parts are available for the entire range of GE motors. Exact Fit and Specification • Experience less replacement time and more efficiency using genuine GE parts. Spare Parts Program • Save time with a GE spare parts inventory plan. World Class Service • Our technology and manufacturing teams have dedicated parts people to help you. Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Prognostics • Commissioning Benefits > GE experts observe in real-time to guide...

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Medium & High Voltage and High Speed Motors - 15

Few manufacturers can claim the depth and breadth of experience that GE has in building and delivering electrical and mechanical solutions for customers. GE offers a complete portfolio of rotating machines. • Motors from 0.75 to 100,000 kW (1 to 134,000 HP) • Generators up to 80 MVA • Low and medium voltage variable frequency drives GE has the global resources and capabilities to maximize the performance and reliability of your machines. • A highly experienced team of application and sales engineers • Engineeringsupportoptimized foryour application GE is constantly innovating product...

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