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GE Energy Kinamatic Direct Current Motors 1-500 HP

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Kinamatic Direct Current Motors - 2

Excellence best defines the approach General Electric uses to engineer and manufacture Kinamatic* motors. GE has over 100 years of DC motor experience utilizing superior design and quality control systems. As a leading motor provider, we offer comprehensive solutions supporting a large installed base of DC industrial motors. Our motors are a reliable lifeline to driven equipment and are the backbone of our customers' production and operation. GE is a respected name in the industry and is positioned to help you select the right motor to meet your applications.

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Kinamatic Direct Current Motors - 3

Quality, Reliability & Serviceability All Kinamatic motors come standard with a 2 year warranty. A NEMA Enclosures D Armature • Drip-Proof, Totally Enclosed, Explosion-Proof • Radiant Heat Process (RHP) on CD180AT - CD5010AY frames • All enclosures are customizable to fit specific application requirements • Dip and bake process cures the varnish, preventing voids and protecting against moisture and contaminates B Frames • Controlled glass banding stabilizes armature to withstand frequent starts, stops, and reversals • Round steel frames • Commutator risers TIG welded to armature coils -...

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Kinamatic Direct Current Motors - 4

Designed to facilitate easier and safer routine maintenance. F Conduit Box • Easily accessible • Oversized fabricated steel box • Rubber gasketed mounting and clam shell • Bronze grounding lug J Coils • Rotatable 360° and F2 mounting capabilities make field adaptation easy in any application • Random Wound Coils - Frames CD180AT - CD329AT H Accessory Mounting Face • Commutator end C-face - Wrapped with Mylar* composite and fiberglass tapes - Dip and bake process allows varnish to penetrate the windings • Shaft suitable for tachometer • TREC* (Tape Reinforced Encapsulated and speed limit...

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Kinamatic Direct Current Motors - 5

Standard Product Offerings • Transparent cover • Speed limit switch Optional Features • Blower ventilation • C-face mounting • Special shaft machining • Space heater **Contact GE for complete details on features not listed

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Kinamatic Direct Current Motors - 6

Replacement Parts GE offers renewal parts for your DC Kinamatic motor to maintain its top performance. With our 2 year warranty and large network of GE authorized service centers worldwide, you will be back up and running quickly and efficiently. To locate a service center, go to or call (800) 458-0451 For more information, contact your * Trademark of General Electric Company. Mylar® is a registered trademark of DuPontTejin Films. Alvania #2® is a registered trademark of Shell. © 2011 General Electric Company. All rights reserved.

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