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Genuine Parts Motor and Generator Renewal Parts

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Quality Matters We’ve manufactured motors for over 125 years. In 1879, GE founder, Thomas Edison constructed the first electric motor for a 110 to 120 Volt line at Menlo Park, NJ. This device still exists and is operative! It is located in the Edison Historical Collection in New Jersey. GE’s Genuine Parts were designed for your GE motors. They will always fit perfectly, saving you time and effort. “Coils from other suppliers almost always require some forming and bending which can damage the coil insulation and increase labor time. GE armature coil kits include clips and soldering blocks....

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Genuine Parts Bearings GE split sleeve bearings are designed to keep the oil in, the dirt out, and to permit fast and easy maintenance and long life. Many common bearings are kept in stock. Ammortisseur Winding Tailored for the application, GE provides kits without having to purchase new poles Oil Rings GE supplies both solid and split oil rings. Stator and Armature Coils Designed specifically to replace existing coils, ensuring your machine is restored to a “like new” condition. Installation time may be up to 50% less when installing GE Genuine Armature Coils in GE motors. Molded Equalizer...

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Brushholders, springs and brushes For collector-equipped AC or DC machines Armature and Commutator Precision balanced armature for reduced noise and vibration. A GE commutator ensures original fit and performance. Molded Equalizers A single encapsulated ring prevents shorts and reduces installation time. TREC® Coils Operate cooler and last longer than most designs. • Superior heat migration with a high-precision winding process. • Encapsulated outer shell makes coils rugged and durable. • Used in all GE mill-duty motors, CD4000 machines and Kinamatic frame sizes 360-500 AT. Converter...

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Renewal Parts For the Entire GE Motors Product Line Coils Brush Assembly Armature Field Stator Ammortisseur Synchronous Rotor Poles Equalizer Brushes Springs Brushholders Air Filters Molded Equalizer Trays Speed Limit Switches Heaters Thermostats Thyristors Converter Assemblies Oil Guages Fans Blower Assembly or Wheel Commutators/Collectors Replacement Commutator Slip Ring Assemblies Bearings Sleeve Bearings Oil Rings Exciters Rotor & Stators Part Description Number of Machines in Operation 1-4 Complete Rotor/Armature Complete Stator Stator/Armature Coils and Winding Supplies Main Field...

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For more information, please contact your GE sales representative. GE Motors Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Motors 800 541 7191 Parts 800 458 0451 © 2009 General Electric Company. All rights reserved. GEA-17559 (04/09)

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