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features & benets A$D Ultra Constant Torque Variable Speed Drive Motor A$D Ultra is designed for optimized performance and Ultimate Extra Severe Duty Construction longer life in tough industrial applications such as metal • Cast iron frame, endshields and conduit box processing, plastic extrusion, winders, test stands, crane and hoist and material handling. • Designed for scalar or vector drive • Infinite:1 constant torque from zero to base speed • A neoprene slinger on both Drive End (DE) and Opposite Drive End (ODE), providing bearing protection from the elements • Stainless steel T-drains to eliminate moisture build-up inside motor. • NEMA Premium® efficiency at 60 Hz sinewave • Corrosion-resistant Grade 5 hardware • Constant horsepower 1.5 times base speed • Epoxy ester buff paint stands up to corrosive environments • Runs at or below Class F temperature rise • Exceeds MG1-31 standards with GEGARD2800 insulation system • Five-year Warranty With GE Innovation and the internally mounted Aegis shaft ground ring, the A$D Ultra is the most reliable adjustable speed motor for your constant torque applications. Standard Ratings • 1.5 HP through 300 HP • 1200 RPM and 1800 RPM base speeds • 230/460 Volt or 460 Volt • Drive end C-face on 143-286 frames • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), non-vent (TENV), and blower cooled (TEBC) enclosures (frame dependent) • Neoprene lead separation gasket in conduit box • Gasketed and 180-degree rotatable conduit box

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Superior Insulation System — A Must for Constant Torque Applications. • GEGARD2800 insulation system features Class H insulation materials. This system increases motor protection against IGBT drive voltage spikes up to 2800 volts @ 0.1 microsecond rise time, which exceeds NEMA MG1-31 standards. • 100% of A$D Ultra motors receive CIV (Corona Inception Voltage) testing to verify long life on drives. • 2 N/C thermostat on 143-286; 3 N/C thermostat on 324-449 frames. • 444-449 frame motors have insulated ODE bearing. Serviceability and Safety • All enclosures provide ODE C Face end bell and...

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