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fact sheet DC2100e DC Drives DC2100e covers DC drives in the 10-amp to 3,200-amp range at 250, 500, 600 VDC Typical Industry Applications The DC2100e DC Drive from GE's Power Conversion business Paper Mills offers performance, reliability and maintainability to increase Paper machines, fan pumps, winders, re-reelers, coating your uptime. Designed to be integrated into systems with machines and super calendars. existing drives and master control, the DC2100e can be used Metal Rolling with either new or existing motors and a variety of existing GE installed drive systems. Runout tables, screwdowns, loopers, side guides, down coilers, pinch rolls, conveyors, pushers, extractors, cranes, edgers, crop With the DC2100e you get reliable, consistent and repeatable shears, reels, slitters, embossers, levelers and cleaning lines. performance along with advanced diagnostics to improve your General Industry drive control. Extruders, mixers, conveyors, test stands, fans, kilns, pumps, spindles, compressors, calenders, coordinated process lines. DC2100e performance and reliability you’ve come to know DC 2100e 300-amp NEMA1 Enclosure The DC 2100e from GE Power Conversion offers performance, reliability and maintainability in a space saving design. DC 2100e 300 amp core drive design

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DC2100e Drive Overview Basic Features Packaging Options NEMA 1 force-ventilated enclosure options include: • AC disconnect with through-the-door operator • Current regulated field exciter • Motor blower starter (specify HP) • Advanced regulator design • DC brake control (up to 20 amps) • Flexible communication options • DB contactor (DB resistors upon request) • Standalone or system applications • Armature manual disconnect switch • Basic keypad or enhanced drive display Protective Functions Core Panel – 50, 150, 300, 525 and 900 amp frames include: • AC line fuses • DC output fuse...

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fact sheet DC2100e Ratings DC2100e R = 4Q N = 2Q Notes: • DC2100e frames are available in 2 or 4 quadrant configurations except for the 50, 150, 300 & 525 frames which are 4 quadrant only. • The specified current and power ratings are continuous, to which an overload of 150% or 200% for 60 seconds can be applied at drive ambient temperatures up to 40 degrees C and an altitude up to 1,000 meters above sea level. Refer to factory for higher overload ratings, ratings for ambient temperature up to 50 degrees C and above 1,000 meters above sea level. • The Field Exciter design is NRP,...

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fact sheet For more information, contact your local GE office, call 1-888-GE4-SERV, 540-378-3280 or 800-533-5885 or visit www.gepowerconversion.com © 2014 General Electric Company. All rights reserved. GEA31244 (06/2014)

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