CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP


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CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP - 3

hen it comes to reliable perform- ance in lhe inusl demanding indus- trial environing Is, (hE KinamaticCDtvOOO is the right choicer ■ Rehiring the excellence in design and manufacture of the imliri: Kinamallc line, Designed wilh the customer's needs, in mindt the C1W000 sets I he industry standard f«r in- creased horsepower with In* physical mutur volume. ■ See for yourself Ihow traditional and custom features combine In msku I he CDtiOOd a direct curreTil motttr sv^rNnd m none Ibr a wide variety of applicalions. world wide.

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CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP - 4

stringent performance- slan- industries ttuil nct|Liirc u minor whh incrc:ised power, conKis- tenl operation and minimal provides :L rigid mcchiuiicuL structure, which is vitul for compnncnls; and vLbriil ion-free sponse i* enhanced fry 11 full wound copper commutaling COilsh which contribute In supe- rior, transient eommutalion. ■ The conimuULlor glass hands of environmental rontum mauls. (VPI) trcalmcnl wilh high Icm- pLY;Llurc varnish which tends motor life. I"hi K process also enhances foils, provide* a strong coo- CDtiOOO's ability to wiihsumrt electrical overloads, even under the most...

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CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP - 6

qua lily H huLIt into every Kiiuimatk CDfjIOh. clude slalc-of-Lhe-arl robotics and numerically unit rolled machinery producing consist- ently accarale components to meet cUwc tolerances. ■ Unique design fealures of the CUNHXJ include its larpc con- duit oox with fixed lermina- tuins for power leads, simplify- main field coils and commu- ting Held lUfciC (Tape revolutionary process that pro- duces solidly bunded, void- free, cuiJ construction that is highly resistant to contamina- tion, vibration and impact. These nujged TREC coils ate enough to withstand expan- the most hi>sLiie industrial...

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CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP - 8

In even closer look at onstrates how quality builds adjuslahlc bnush rigging is rig- idly mounted, maintaining proper hrush alignment and typc hearing assemblies pro- tect ami-frit I inn hall hearings from contamination. ■ Large hearings provide high radial load and Ihrust capacity. ■ Motor mounting feci arc posi- tioned close to the bearings to minimize motor vibration. ■ Jacking screws aid motor align- ment to minimi A- insnd lotion time, ■ The caM «|iudi/a c<ii] usvoiibly ^ heated at th? nsoior designed to offer superior mo- speeds. ■ Cast epo.ny coil sup- and mica taped armature leads...

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CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP - 10

is hij-hly adaptable and easily a variety of enclosures includ- ing blower ventilated* sepa- rately venlilaled. splashproof ind unit cooled to meel your specific ■pplicalioi. requne- menls. ■ For additional flexi- customized ixiih a number of ■ Tachometers arid speed limit switches can be easily added at splashproof covers, space heaters and ihermal devices are formance is £Ujir;inlccd — from design engineering ih rough for reliability in ihc paper, steel, cement, material handling, duslries ihroughoui the world. Typical application! include providing power to the Creole Francisco cable car...

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CD6000 Direct Current Motors, 250-4500 HP - 12

_^^__| trouble-free operation under the most demanding field conditions. You can maintain original performance standards by using genui ne GK Renewal Part*, m Parts and accessories are easy In order by refer- ring to the permanently attached sled nameplate that displays the model and it- rial number, ■ All items can he ordered di- rectly from authorised QE Motors parts dis- tributor^ for distributor information or tech- nical support, call toll free: 1-M0-45K-U451 Repair service is available from authorized AuJMIng 17-1 ■ 3041 Fast I-site- HNILMI trie. Pennsylvania IftWl £> 199! General...

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