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case study China Mining Robust motor solutions preferred by Chinese mining operations Grinding Application Due to an ever increasing global demand for copper within China and for export, a leading Chinese mining company is building a huge 17 MW ball mill in Inner Mongolia with a daily capacity of 30,000 tons of ore. “The customer approached us because of the relationship we've established in 2007," quoted a GE motors sales leader, "They needed a reliable mill drive technology that could handle a huge capacity in a remote and harsh environment. They knew that GE's Quadramatic Drive System fit those requirements." Inner Mongolia ore processing Quadramatic System The new system was installed in May 2012 and includes an ongoing maintenance contract. This project is another example of a growing GE industry presence in China ore processing facilities. The elegant simplicity of Quadramatic Drive Systems have built a strong reputation in the global mining industry for over 40 years. Low Speed Synchronous Motors 8.5 Megawatt 2 per mill 34p, 176.5 RPM 10 kV, 50Hz Parts: 1-800-458-0451 Motors: 1-800-541-7191 © 2012 General Electric Company All Rights Reserved

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