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AC or DC Excavator Solutions from GE.

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drive solution for your Experience Matters GE's experience in the mining industry spans over 80 years, and we have earned our reputation for reliability by providing comprehensive excavator solutions that perform Depending on your site requirements, we have the AC or DC drive systems available to upgrade your existing equipment. Global Services With GE, you have a single source for all your design, build, installation and commissioning needs through our global network of service centers staffed with experienced project

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AC or DC – The decision is yours GE has an offering whether you need an AC or DC solution. Our systems approach emphasizes a solution optimized to your application, with high productivity, high availability and drop-in mechanical compatibility with AISE MD motor standards for both AC and DC applications. GE Excavator Solutions The system hardware and software has been specifically engineered to meet the needs for excavator applications: • High performance • Proven reliability AC solutions offer state-of-the-art IGBT variable frequency drives, while our DC solutions offer high performance...

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The AC system is a complete motion solution comprised of an integrated family of power delivery elements, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), AC motors and controls. Each system is designed for the specific application using motors of various frame sizes and mounting orientations (horizontal and vertical) and drives tailored to the The AC system is designed to use a master PLC to control system functions, maintaining commonality of equipment and control algorithms with existing DC excavator systems. Our newly designed air-cooled AC KD800 series motors are mechanically interchangeable with our...

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AC and DC Excavator Solution - 7

The new family of AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) have been developed using a modular approach. GE's system is designed to your specifications using a common set of modules and passive components, improving availability • Four-quadrant control of all motor functions with active power factor correction • An air-cooled drive system designed for minimal maintenance with extended filter change intervals • AFEs and Inverters configured as Master/Slave with an automatic fail-over feature, which allows for reduced-capability operation until • System communication networks use standard The...

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AC and DC Excavator Solution - 9

The DC system uses Ward Leonard controls with synchronous machines driving MG sets, all controlled by field exciters. The field exciters are IGBT chopper technology-based and deliver a high performance, modular control system tailor- The field exciters use digital regulators that provide generator and motor control functions by controlling armature volts and amps to levels that maximize productivity and minimize equipment stress. The field exciters control the synchronous motor excitation to provide system reactive power support during motoring and regeneration as well as line voltage...

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DC Performance We have 50 years of experience in designing, building, and improving DC excavator motors. Our DC solutions deliver reliability and the uptime you need for optimum productivity, even in harsh environments. 10 Frame 810 812 814 816 818 820X 822X 824X 826 Continuous Peak Torque (N-m) Rating (KW) 145 190 280 370 475 595 780 970 1,155 2773 4101 6355 8967 12,666 20,191 29,337 38,584 47,296

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GE has sold hundreds of DC excavator systems with thousands of motors to mining customers worldwide. The robust motors, generators and MG sets are built to operate in the extreme environments on excavators, from Siberian cold • Forced air cooling for motors • Heavy-duty, double tapered shaft is removable • Single width cylindrical roller bearings for high intermittent and impact thrust capacity • TIG welding the armature coil leads to the commutator makes the motor highly resistant DC motors are based on AISE frames, ruggedized and continuously improved to meet customer needs.

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AC and DC Excavator Solution - 12

Global Service GE's Field Engineers have decades of experience with excavator systems. With a global network of service centers, we can provide you with prompt local support and experienced project management personnel. Service Capabilities: • DC drive upgrades and operator's consoles • Complete power control rooms • Motor control centers ' ^\ • Light and power boards • High voltage boards • Replacement MG sets and motors • Machine audits and tune-up • Overhaul and maintenance supervision GE works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest...

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