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the world of machines - 1

hydraulic hoses, couplings & equipment

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the world of machines - 2

Grease-free means a safer, cleaner working environment Gates self-assembly machinery high productivity wherever you need it Gates self-assembly machinery can cut your maintenance costs, boost productivity and outperform others thanks to our focus on design, innovation and top-quality materials. the range covers all your needs from workshops to mobile service operations and even on-site field crimping. our self-assembly machinery programme gives you: lower maintenance costs from grease-free machines gates self-assembly machinery cuts your maintenance costs by running grease free. gates...

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the world of machines - 3

the gates range of self-assembly machinery covers all your needs from workshops to mobile service operations and even on-site field crimping. Gates self-assembly machinery gives you quality, high performance and a premium-quality image

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the world of machines - 4

self-assembly machinery workshop in the gates workshop, safe, fast and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses and couplings is made simple. all machines are custom-designed to work with a well-defined range of gates hoses and couplings allowing production of factory-quality assemblies fully complying with european directives and the most stringent international standards. no matter what your workshop needs, whether you are a starter, a professional, or a full-service workshop, gates has the right product offering for you.

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the world of machines - 5

mobile service a gates hose assembly is much more than the sum of its components. it is the combined result of a rigorous test regime and of a tightly controlled manufacturing process, both at gates and at the point of assembly. to reduce the risk of premature failure due to variations in the assembly process, gates has developed a special proposition for mobile service operations allowing them to benefit from the simplified and superior global range of no-skive hoses and couplings. thanks to the gates integrated system, mobile service operators can offer their customers the superior...

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the world of machines - 6

self-assembly machinery field service in the field, every minute counts. in today’s environment, equipment, whether it be agricultural, construction or mining, simply cannot afford unnecessary downtime. that’s why gates has developed a range of small, portable and easy-to-use crimpers specifically designed for end-users on site. since these simple, lightweight machines are designed as part of the gates integrated system, end-users are assured of factory-quality no-skive assemblies – even in the field! No-skive spiral hose up to 1”

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the world of machines - 7

crimping machines: overview mc 1001 lightweight, portable crimper designed for reliability in field service. comes with separate box, designed to contain complete set of dies. the pneumatic version has a foot-operated air pump. crimps no-skive megacrimp® couplings for wire-braid hose up to 1”. mcX 20 powerful, lightweight, portable hand-operated crimper, ideal for field service operations. comes with separate box, designed to contain complete set of dies. crimps no-skive globalspiral™ couplings up to 1” and no-skive megacrimp® couplings for wire-braid hose up to 1.1/4”.

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the world of machines - 8

self-assembly machinery crimping machines: overview mcX 25 compact crimper for low-volume production. ideal as starter machine or for small workshops. crimps no-skive globalspiral™ couplings up to 1” and no-skive megacrimp® couplings for wire-braid hose up to 1.1/4”. equipped with a die set storage rack allowing for logically organised die storage within easy reach of the operator, thus speeding up die selection and assembly. also available for mobile service with dc power pack. mcX 30 compact, operator-friendly machine to crimp the complete gates range up to 1.1⁄4”. optional foot pedal to...

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the world of machines - 9

crimping machines: accessories Quick die change the universal quick die change allows fast and easy change of dies without risk of damage to the die sets. the transparent shield of the quick die change allows you to quickly and safely position die sets into the master dies of the crimper head. a single press of the closing button is enough to lock the dies safely in place and rapidly produce a perfect hose assembly. When buying an electrical crimper, the qdc that goes together with the respective machine will be included in the package. ref: 7480-19194: Qdc mcX 25 7480-19200: Qdc mcX 30...

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the world of machines - 10

self-assembly machinery crimping machines: technical specifications mc 1001 product number marking dies mcX-matic control back stop foot pedal power supply maximum capacity

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the world of machines - 11

only with intermediate dies marking die in type 239 only up to 239-D37 marking die in type 263 only up to 263-D35

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the world of machines - 12

self-assembly machinery cutting machines: overview mKX 25 compact cutting machine, perfectly suitable for the small workshop. cuts up to 1.1/4” four spiral wire hose. mKX 30 robust cutter for all types of workshops. cuts up to 1.1/4” six spiral wire hose. mKX 50 a heavy-duty pneumatic hose cutter allowing quick and reliable production across all hose size ranges. cuts up to 2” six spiral wire hose. For workshop professionals who want to further enhance their set-up and improve the ease-of-use, we have a complete kit available including also a machine table and air compressor. ref:...

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the world of machines - 13

cutting machines: technical specifications mKX 25 brake motor cutting blade product number power supply maximum capacity

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the world of machines - 14

self-assembly machinery tools marking machine this hand-operated marking machine is a precise, compact service-free bench unit for gates ferrules, one-piece and two-piece fittings. the msX 50 is equipped with a hand wheel to adjust the character setting to the ferrule for the requested marking depth. the slot in the character holder allows for easy character placement. please contact gates for order info on the required characters. megacrimp® vernier caliper a handy tool which measures finished outside diameters. special design for easy measuring of the finished diameters on -4, -5 and -6...

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