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BECAUSE SERVICING ALWAYS COMES AT A BAD TIME. Quad-Power® 4 Now 100% trouble & service free

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Quad-Power® 4 - 2

Service-free V-belts. No re-tensioning required! By using innovative minimal-stretch cord technology, Gates has designed the industry‘s first bandless zero-maintenance V-belt. Unlike conventional belts, the Quad-Power® 4 bandless V-belt does not suffer from severe tension decay in the first hours after installation. So no run-in period nor any re-tensioning are required. Imagine how convenient this is for difficult-to-reach belt drives. No re-tensioning means no machine or production downtime. The new Quad-Power® 4 service-free V-belts reduce downtime costs for maintenance and plant...

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Quad-Power® 4 - 3

Groundbreaking technology New materials and the use of advanced-design technology have led to a new generation of raw edge V-belts that outperform all similarly sized belts in a wide range of applications. Minimal-elongation polyester tensile cords allow for stable tension over the entire lifetime. Blue adhesion layer for an extra strong bonding of the tensile cords and the rubber compound. Optimized notch form for reduced bending stress and improved efficiency. New generation EPDM rubber compound to ensure a long service life and a wear-resistant belt under extreme temperatures. NEW...

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Quad-Power® 4 - 4

Uniset matching for your convenience SERVICE-FREE! All lengths and sections of the Quad-Power® 4 V-belt range meet Gates UNISET tolerances meaning that no matching is required. For over 50 years, Gates has successfully used the same matching standards for every size and length saving distributors and end-users the time and trouble finding the correct belts. Not having a matched set of V-belts prevents the belts working together as a team on the application and compromises the transmission of the maximum load leading to less efficient drives. Each Quad-Power® 4 belt is manufactured with a...

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Quad-Power® 4 - 5

Maximum energy efficiency The new bandless, moulded notch construction does not only save on downtime and maintenance costs. By using state-ofthe-art profiling technology the Quad-Power® 4 belt guarantees consistent pulley/belt contact resulting in energy efficiencies as high as 98% which is 3% higher than wrapped V-belts. Installing Quad-Power® 4 belts means delivering lower energy consumption and an improved drive performance at the same time. THE SOLUTION FOR COMPACT DRIVES The high-grade construction provides the belt with a much higher power density than classical V-belts, allowing for...

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Quad-Power® 4 - 6

Perfect belts for imperfect conditions No matter how harsh the operating environment, the new Quad-Power® 4 V-belt remains crack and damage-free in extremely high and low temperature conditions. GATES EPDM INDUSTRY STANDARD LONGER LIFE AT EXTREME TEMPERATURES The second generation of EPDM V-belts from Gates have the widest temperature range in the market. The Quad-Power® 4 belt maintains its exceptional performance in extreme cold conditions as low as -50 °C. The newly formulated EPDM rubber material resists hardening to avoid cracking in temperatures up to +130 °C making the Quad-Power® 4...

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Quad-Power® 4 - 7

Convenience and peace-of-mind for every application BELT RANGE AND SIZES A demanding drive? Harsh conditions? The Quad-Power® 4 family of belts has a solution for all of your belt drive problems. This service-free belt is not only available in every popular size as single belt, but also in the sturdy PowerBand® execution for extremely high shock-loaded or vibration-prone drives. A Gates Quad-Power® 4 PowerBand® construction also offers a solution for higher load transmissions. *Branded as Super HC® Molded Notch PowerBand® ORDERING CODES ARE COMPOSED AS FOLLOWS: Quad-Power® 4 XPZ600 or...

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Quad-Power® 4 - 8

Service-free. Trouble-free. Gates Quad-Power® 4 V-belts are constructed with the most advanced technology available today. Our new generation of EPDM belts are designed for longer service life eliminating costly downtime for re-tensioning, repair and replacement. Quad-Power® 4 V-belts bring you › Greater efficiency › Less downtime › Fewer replacements › Higher performance › Wider temperature range For more information visit Your distributor: E2/20203 The manufacturers reserve the right to amend details where necessary.

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