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Integrated fluid power solutions 2016 product catalogue - 674 Pages

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Integrated fluid power solutions 2016 product catalogue

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Engine hose Industrial hose

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INTEGRATED FLUID POWER SOLUTIONS Couplings for Wire Spiral Blasting Hoses Couplings for Push-On Textile Hoses

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Pipe connections Single Parts Flare Couplings Control System

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ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL DATA Selecting the correct hose Selecting the correct coupling Hose assembly selection and installation Selecting the correct tube fitting

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GATES: YOUR ONE-STOP-SHOP Every day, design engineers, maintenance people, equipment manufacturers and their customers around the world rely on Gates and our high quality line of hydraulics products to meet their fluid power needs and to keep them running smoothly, safely and reliably. Thanks to the Gates Integrated System Approach, all your fluid power products work together seamlessly. With our global leadership position in hose assemblies, we have expanded our capabilities and tubing technology in port-to-port hydraulics: ›› Rigid Tube Assemblies ›› Robotic Tube Bending & Welding ››...

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Wherever you are, the state-of-the-art technology in our production locations and assembly centres allow us to support OEM’s around the world with customised just-in-time solutions to meet their tight schedules, volumes and high expectations. We also offer replacement market customers the right equipment to manufacture factory-quality product assembly on their own premises and be the nearby go-to distributor with the right solution to every breakdown. All Gates tube line, tubes fittings, hose and adaptor products are designed and manufactured to provide innovative, reliable port-to-port...

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GET WORKING BETTER WITH THE GATES INTEGRATED SYSTEM APPROACH THE WORLD OF GATES Self-assembly the Gates way saves you time and effort Only a team where everyone plays their part and works together seamlessly can get a complex job done. Our hose and coupling components work together in just the same way, making it extremely simple to create high-quality hydraulic hose assemblies quickly for the equipment you’re using. This kind of easy self-assembly is based on the Gates Integrated System approach. All our hydraulic products are specifically designed, tested and validated together to produce...

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THE GATES INTEGRATED SYSTEM APPROACH, HOW DOES IT WORK AND WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? Superior products, manufactured to the stringent tolerances Our global hoses and couplings not only boast a wide array of advanced-design features but are also manufactured to rigorous tolerances, making sure that they perform to such a high standard they’ll work safely and properly for longer. Benefit from less downtime. Advanced self-assembly machines and dies, rigorously validated Our self-assembly machines make it quick and easy for you to produce the hose and coupling combinations you need. Gates dies have...

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GATES: EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION AND RELIABILITY BUILT IN THE WORLD OF GATES Whether you need components or complete assemblies, the Gates option gives you a wide range of important benefits:

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LONG-LASTING HOSES – THE BEST CHOICE FOR TOUGH CONDITIONS Gates global hoses are designed for the harshest fluids and most abrasive environments. On the inside, the full nitrile inner tube resists even the most aggressive oils. On the outside, the tough standard hose covers give you unparalleled abrasion resistance. For the harshest conditions you can choose XtraTuff™ or MegaTuff™ covers to give you respectively 25x and 300x greater abrasion resistance. SELECTION AND ASSEMBLY MADE EASY No tooling needed to fit the coupling to the hose with the Gates global couplings and hoses, you can...

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GATES: EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION AND RELIABILITY BUILT IN THE WORLD OF GATES REDUCED DOWNTIME WITH GREASE-FREE SELF-ASSEMBLY MACHINES Lower your maintenance costs by running grease-free with Gates self-assembly machinery. Our crimpers come with a unique, self-lubricating slide bearing system, which eliminates metal-to-metal abrasion between master dies and the crimper head and cuts friction by 20% in addition. This also means your working environment is cleaner which means you can benefit from reduced downtime too, bringing the total cost of ownership of Gates crimpers to a record low....

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CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – SPECIAL NOTE Gates strives to protect the environment in a variety of ways: ›› e encourage the use of alternative lubricants like synthetic and biodegradable W oils with our hoses specially designed with nitrile inner tubes ›› ur grease-free self-assembly machinery helps create a clean working environment O ›› e help eliminate the risk of system contamination no-skive hose/coupling solutions W ›› eak-free assemblies exclude environmental contamination L ›› ur new generation of low-permeation fuel hoses cut fuel-vapour losses O ›› he newly developed patented...

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SAFETY FIRST – USE GATES TO HELP YOU When working with hydraulic equipment, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers and never to underestimate the power of a hydraulic hose assembly under pressure. Having the world’s best hoses and couplings is not enough to ensure the safety of your hose assemblies. Poor assembly, a bad installation or an incorrect method of storage can compromise performance and even safety. THE GATES SAFE HYDRAULICS PROGRAMME: THINK SAFETY! Your safety and that of your workforce, your customer and the environment is always a top priority for us. That’s why we...

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KEEPING YOU UP TO DATE WITH SAFETY AND LEGISLATION In Europe the main safety Directive covering hose and machinery products is the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This provides the regulatory basis for the harmonisation of essential health and safety requirements for machinery at European Union level. In practical terms, however, the best way to be sure you’re complying with the Directive is to comply with the Harmonised European Standards. These standards are tools that help manufacturers and users comply with the Directive by giving you practical guidance on how to meet its...

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