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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 2

U nparalleled performance – in manufacturing, quality, supply and support FLUID POWER ›› 1 Erembodegem: Gates European Headquarters ›› 2 Esch (EMB): Tube Fitting Manufacturing ›› 3 Euskirchen (EMB): Technical Center ›› 4 Ghent: Distribution Centre ›› 5 Moscow: Distribution Centre ›› 6 Karvina: Coupling Manufacturing ›› 6 Karvina: Hose Assembly Manufacturing ›› 6 Karvina: Manipulated Tube Manufacturing ›› 7 Legnica: Hose Manufacturing (as of Sept. 2018) ›› 8 St Neots: Hose Assembly Manufacturing ›› 8 St Neots: Technical Center ›› 9 Sakarya

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 3

Every day, design engineers, maintenance people, equipment manufacturers and their customers around the world rely on Gates and our high quality line of hydraulic products to meet their fluid power needs and to keep their machines running smoothly, safely and reliably. Thanks to the Gates Integrated System Approach, all your fluid power products work together seamlessly. From our global leadership position in hose assemblies, we have expanded our capabilities into tubing technology and complete port-to-port hydraulics: ›› Rigid Tube Assemblies ›› Robotic Tube Bending & Welding ›› Integrated...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 4

Only a team where everyone plays their part and works together seamlessly can get a complex job done. Our hose and coupling components work together in just the same way, making it extremely simple to create high-quality hydraulic hose assemblies quickly for the equipment you’re using. This kind of easy self-assembly is based on the Gates Integrated System approach. All our hydraulic products are specifically designed, tested and validated together to produce pre-tested and validated hose/ coupling combinations that perform beyond any international standard. This unique approach is how...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 5

THE WORLD OF TUBE FITTINGS The Gates EMB range of tube fittings is an integral part of the Port-to-Port product portfolio of Gates. It ensures leak free connections between hydraulic tubes, hoses and adaptors. The “made in Germany” quality ensures maximized reliability, even in critical applications. A leak-free design, with pressure safety factor 4, guarantees a ‘Safe Hydraulics’ environment with no spills or injuries. Through continuous testing and system validation we meet and exceed performance specifications. The Gates EMB connecting systems have received many 3rd party approvals. Easy...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 6

HYDRAULIC TUBE FITTINGS THE WORLD OF TUBE FITTINGS ZINC NICKEL AS STANDARD FINISHING ›› Zinc Nickel coating is the new standard finishing for Gates EMB tube fittings. ›› With a corrosion protection against red rust of more than 720 hours (acc. to ISO 9227) it provides a significantly better surface protection than the previous NanoProtect™ material and easily reaches protection class K5 of the VDMA24576 standard. ›› Compliant with the latest REACH and RoHS2 requirements, fulfilling its environmental duties. ›› Zinc Nickel products can be used in a variety of applications in the Agriculture,...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 7

Connectors can be used to connect metric tubes, hoses and fittings to each other in whatever configuration. They are divided into 3 ranges: ›› very light ›› light ›› and heavy series Designed for nominal pressures up to 800 bar (heavy series) and available in various geometries such as ›› straight ›› elbow (e.g. 45° and 90°) ›› tee ›› cross 2. MALE STUD TUBE FITTINGS Male stud fittings allow the connection of a metric tube with a port. From metric stud end with captive seal to the imperial stud end with Form A, Gates EMB offers a wide range of stud end fittings. Male stud tube fittings are...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 8

HYDRAULIC TUBE FITTINGS THE WORLD OF TUBE FITTINGS 3. ADJUSTABLE TUBE FITTINGS Adjustable tube fittings allow the connection of minimum one metric tube with another tube fitting or port and can be assembled in any direction. Adjustable tube fittings are available (according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353) in ›› very light ›› light ›› and heavy series Designed for nominal pressures up to 800 bar (heavy series) and available in various geometries such as ›› elbow (e.g. 45° and 90°) ›› and tee 4. REDUCERS AND GAUGE FITTINGS Reducers are straight fittings and are used to reduce from one thread size...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 9

Check valves allow the connection of metric tube to metric tube or tube to hose or to port. Check valves control the flow in a hydraulic system and open at a defined fixed pressure. Standard opening pressure for RD, RV and RZ is 1,0 bar. Other opening pressures are marked on the valve to allow a clear identification of opening pressure. Valves are available in ›› light ›› and heavy series. (according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353) Designed for nominal pressures up to 400 bar (heavy series). ARV valves are only available in very light series with pressure ratings up to 100 bar. While RD, RV and...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 10

HYDRAULIC TUBE FITTINGS THE WORLD OF TUBE FITTINGS Gates EMB offers a wide range of test couplings, test hoses, pressure gauges and other accessories according to international standards. The extensive range allows our customers to buy tube fittings and control system from one single source. To fulfill customer expectations, the Gates EMB range contains different systems with M16x2, M16x1,5 or plug-in test connections. Benefits: ›› Enables safe system pressure checks ›› Leak-proof connection before cone / ball valve is open ›› Simple connection with measuring, control and switching devices...

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Hydraulic Tube Fittings - 11

THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY EMB-FS® CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY: EASY, QUICK AND RELIABLE The innovative ‘Form & Seal’ system was designed for the connection of tubes without specific tube preparation and finishing. It boasts the advantages of a welding system but the number of necessary single parts is reduced to the minimum, optimising the cost-performance ratio and minimising the system costs. The system can also be used for nearly all applications as we provide a comprehensive product portfolio of DIN 2353, ISO 8434-1 tube fittings. The EMB-FS® system and assembly procedure guarantees you...

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