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DriveAlign® automatic belt tensioners Unique sealing – Prevents contamination of internal parts for maximum durability and Patented damper – Specifically designed to increase belt and tensioner life. Computer aided component design – Engineered for minimum unit weight but maximum strength and durability. Patented bush design – Reduces wear and ensures proper alignment for life belt tensioners OE performance and fit for accessory belt drive systems Round wire spring – Chrome-silicon torsion spring for less flex fatigue than flat spring designs. Pulleys – Reduce surface wear. Precision bearings – Premium bearings minimise friction for reduced bearing wear and noise. 3 2 As a result of our design and engineering capabilities and our reputation for innovation and development, we have 5 become known as the Automotive Belt Drive System Specialist. For example, not only are we the world’s largest belt manufacturer, delivering products both to OEMs and to the aftermarket, but we’re also one of the largest suppliers for OE belt tensioners in Europe. Now we are bringing an With advantages like these, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t order a premium Gates DriveAlign® tensioner from your local parts dealer. It’s the OE-equivalent tensioner that fits and performs like the original, but comes with aftermarket convenience. Choosing the right tensioners is easy when you choose Gates. extensive line of tensioners and idlers for accessory belt drive systems to the aftermarket. Tensioners, like any other part, don’t last forever, and automotive technicians will be replacing more and more of them. A failed tensioner can cause the belt to break or fly off the drive, resulting in a breakdown. Often the cause is misdiagnosed as a belt problem, when in reality the tensioner Your distributor: should be replaced. Now there’s a solution for this: Gates – the name you trust – will now provide you with high-quality OE equivalent tensioners for light and heavy-duty applications. They come with all the convenience and ease of doing business that you’re used to with Gates. The manufacturers reserve the right to amend details where necessary.

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Contamination resistance Serpentine belt drives consist of a single multi-ribbed belt that drives several engine The unique sealing used in Gates DriveAlign tensioners virtually eliminates the risk of contamination and accessories. The vast majority of vehicles with serpentine belt drives have an automatic corrosion. In other tensioner designs, however, trapped dirt and grit wear away rust inhibitors used to tensioner. Tension is provided by a powerful spring, located within a small canister-like prevent contamination and can lead to rust bleed. Rust bleed from an automatic tensioner can...

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