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EMB-FS® CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY EASY, QUICK AND RELIABLE The innovative ‘Form & Seal’ system was designed for the connection of tubes without specific tube preparation and finishing. It boasts the advantages of a welding system but the number of necessary single parts is reduced to the minimum, optimising the cost-performance ratio and minimising the system costs. The system can also be used for nearly all applications as we provide a comprehensive product portfolio of DIN 2353, ISO 8434-1 tube fittings. The EMB-FS® system and assembly procedure guarantees you...

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The unmatched tube connecting solution for steel and stainless steel tubes No compromises, no difficulties A function ring supports the final assembly. It integrates an elastomer seal into the system and protects against excessive tightening. Frictional tension between tube and fitting cone is assured with the metallic seal function. Vulcanised soft seals ensure the leak-free performance in extreme working conditions as well. Safe assembly is indicated by a clearly noticeable assembly stop. DIN 2353, Function ring ISO 8434-1 Fitting with soft seal Formed hydraulic pipe (DIN 2391) F orm &...

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GATES ASSEMBLY MACHINERY – HIGH PRODUCTIVITY WHEREVER YOU NEED IT! THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY Gates assembly machinery can help you to cut maintenance costs, boost productivity and outperform others thanks to our focus on design, innovation and top-quality materials. The range covers all your needs from workshops to mobile service operations and even on-site field crimping. Leak-free and reliable high-performance port-to-port solutions call for superiority, both in its components as well as the self-assembly machines to put them together. Our machinery is a vital part of the Gates...

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Today, cutting ring and flaring are still the main technologies used to connect tubes. To guarantee leak-free results, the joint procedure requires reliable machines that support the quality of the connection. Thanks to the Gates assembly machines’ accurate processes, a minimum of the operator’s individual intervention is required, reducing the need for manual justifications as well as process control. Opticam 34 Cutting Ring Assembly Machine Hydraulic operating machine with SPC unit (storage programmable control) for both pre-assembly and final-assembly of cutting rings. The fully...

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THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY VM Pre-Assembly Bodies Bodies for the turning-angle-controlled serial assembly of cutting ring fittings in the pre-assembly adaptor VM with subsequent final assembly. Technical Specifications VM Pre-Assembly Bodies

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UP/M Unipress Cutting Ring Assembly Hand assembly machine allowing easy cutting-ring pre-assembly and flaring 37° systems. The light-weight, user-friendly design makes it perfect for on-site applications and repairs. Utilises same tools as electro-hydraulic machines. Tube flaring for 37° Gates-EMB ABO and SAE system.

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THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY UP 3 Unipress Cutting Ring Assembly & Flaring Machine Universal combination machine for cutting ring pre-assembly with manual or automatic pressure setting and tube flaring for steel and stainless steel tubes with an outer diameter from 6 to 42 mm.

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Tube forming is not only one of the safest methods for the connection of leak-free hydraulic tube systems but can be used as an alternative for expensive welding procedures in many cases. The result is a huge cost reduction on both labour and system assembly cost. This supports economies of scale and provides extra time and money for further projects. Operator faults are basically excluded due to automated machine functions. Gates-EMB assembly machines are developed with individual customer needs in mind like ease of use, reliability and cost performance. FS 93 Tube Forming Machine The FS...

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THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY Final Assembly with Function & Back-Up Ring The FSR function ring and FSR back-up ring FSSR support the final assembly, integrating an elastomer seal into the system which protects against excessive tightening. The frictional tension between tube and fitting cone is assured with the metallic seal function. The vulcanised soft seals ensure the leak-free performance in extreme working conditions. Safe assembly is guaranteed by a clearly noticeable assembly stop. It is recommended to use FSR on tube diameters from 6 to 42 mm, FSSR alternatively from 6 to 12 mm...

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Mobilpress PB 642 Tube Bending Machine Machine for hydraulic bending of tubes of 6-42 mm in steel St35, St37, St52 as well as stainless steel tubes. The maximum bending efficiency is 38x5 mm resp. 42x4 mm. Three different machines are available. > PBEH 642 F > PBEH 642 > PBM 642

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THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY RBV 6/18 Tube Bending Device This device comes with 6 changeable bending rollers for tubes from 6 to 18 mm. Weight of each piece: approx. 4 kg Ease-of-use: ideal for workshop independent, mobile bending operations.

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Gates cutters - both the hose cutters and steel tube cutters - are robust and compact machines, and distinguish themselves by their safe and high-quality cutting function. Our range of electrical cutters is all hand controlled for guided cutting thus allowing for optimal speed control and a reduction of blade damage. The blades are positioned close to the powerful motors to limit vibration which enhances the durability and reduces maintenance costs. But there is more: low energy consumption, CE compliant brake motors for 3-phase cutting machines, built-in protection, limited smoke...

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THE WORLD OF ASSEMBLY MACHINERY MKX 40 Hose Cutter Heavy-duty hose cutter allowing quick and reliable production across all hose size ranges. Cuts up to 2" six spiral wire hose. The brake motor ensures the blade stops turning within 10 seconds after switch-off. For workshop professionals who want to further enhance their set-up and improve ease-of-use.

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