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SMART and TMA - Remote monitoring over standard telephone lines


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GAI-Tronics Telephony SMART and TMA Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology Remote monitoring over standard telephone lines Ensure your phones are operational Plan maintenance and repair work Streamline manpower Generate automatic reports View at a glance status information Establish comprehensive database Whether you have 1, 5 or 5,000 telephones installed outside, how do you know what’s happening out there without physically travelling out to check them? Your maintenance teams have more important things to do with their time so why incur increased costs for doing something that can be done from the office? Knowing that the telephone is working at all times is imperative where they are safety-critical or providing a customer interface. Has someone left the handset off-hook? Has your roadside telephone been knocked over? Has there been a problem connecting to the phone due to a line fault? How do you know? For customer service phones - do you have to justify their usage, need to keep a log of all call data, regularly change the memory numbers or send reports to other managers? GAI-Tronics’ SMART (Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology) phones are rugged, line powered analogue telephones offering TMA compatibility, including powerful remote monitoring facilities, as standard. They can also include enhanced features such as activating external equipment, restricting keypad access and enabling remote PIN code door entry. TMA - Telephone Management Application is a Windows® based software package that allows you to remotely monitor the health status of your SMART telephones, program their functions and log and report on their stats - all over a standard telephone line. These features ensure that your SMART phones remain operational with minimal manpower. TMA not only checks the telephone status but also highlights possible problems across the network as it works over the telephone line. Reports from TMA can be used to highlight areas where vandalism or network problems exist and help you plan work on areas that need to be enhanced, maintained or linked into other security measures such as CCTV. SMART and TMA provide measurable results. In addition, you have the safety of knowing your system works and you have effective management of your network and manpower.

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TMA… KEEPING YOUR COSTS DOWN… HEALTH AND STATUS MONITORING TMA remotely monitors the health-status of SMART telephones from a control centre. Can poll up to eight phones simultaneously with up to 8 modems per PC Automatic poll maintenance checks can be configured to perform non-stop, daily, or weekly. TMA checks that the phone is contactable and then retrieves identifying information, such as the telephone serial number and software version, as well as faults and sensors including stuck buttons, handset integrity, phone tilt, line conditions (current levels) and call-in progress...

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SMART… THINK YOU KNOW YOUR PHONE? Typical SMART System Schematic In addition to GAI-Tronics Industrial Telephone features, SMART offers the following enhancement options 1 & 2 digit auto-dial Auto-dial allows you to restrict access on the keypad. SMART telephones can be programmed to auto-dial on button press - either 1 button or 2 digits. This increases the number of memory buttons to 99 Keypad disable/enable function Enables use of the full keypad only after the memory dial number has connected. This would give the user full functionality to key in e.g. bank details but would prevent...

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GAI-Tronics Telephony SMART and TMA Self Monitoring And Reporting Technology GAI-Tronics, UK - Tel: +44 (0)1283 500500 - Fax: +44 (0)1283 500400 - GAI-Tronics Corporation, USA - Tel: +1(610) 777 1374 - Toll Free: 800 492 1212 - Fax: +1(610) 775 6540 - GAI-Tronics S.r.l, Italy - Tel: +39 02 48601 460 - Fax: +39 02 4585 625 GAI-Tronics Corporation, Malaysia - Tel: +60 3 8945 4035 - Fax: +60 3 8945 4675 An ISO9001 Registered Company The policy of GAI-Tronics is one of continuous improvement; therefore the company reserves the right to change...

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