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Industrial Communications System - 1

Industrial Communications System Off-Shore Page/Party® Station TABLE

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Industrial Communications System - 2

GAI-Tronics Corporation 400 E. Wyomissing Ave. Mohnton, PA 19540 USA 610-777-1374  800-492-1212  Fax: 610-796-5954 VISIT WWW.GAI-TRONICS.COM FOR PRODUCT LITERATURE AND MANU

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Industrial Communications System - 3

G AI-T RO NICS® CO RPO R AT IO N A HUBBELL COMPANY Industrial Communications System Off-Shore Page/Party® Station Confidentiality Notice This manual is provided solely as an installation, operation, and maintenance guide, which contains sensitive business and technical information, that is confidential and proprietary to GAI-Tronics. GAI-Tronics retains all intellectual property and other rights in or to the information contained herein, and such information may only be used in connection with the operation of your GAI-Tronics product or system. This manual may not be disclosed in any form,...

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Industrial Communications System - 4

Pub. 42004-743L2D ICS Off-Shore Page/Party® Station Page 2 of 30 Features • Provides one-way page announcements over system speakers • Includes a high efficiency (>80%) Class D paging amplifier to provide up to 30 watts of speaker output • Provides full-duplex party line communication • Includes universal ac power supply with power factor correction • Field upgradeable options • Durable glass-reinforced engineered plastic enclosure with a high visibility safety orange powder coat finish interior front panel • Factory-installed stainless steel junction box with external customer ground •...

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Industrial Communications System - 5

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party Station Installation Important Safety Instructions This equipment is suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D, Class II Division 2, Groups F, and G, Class III OR non-hazardous locations only. Combinations of equipment in your system are subject to investigation by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction at the time of installation.  Read, follow, and retain instructions – All safety and operating instructions should be read and followed before operating the unit. Retain instructions for future reference. Heed warnings – Adhere to all warnings...

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Industrial Communications System - 6

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party® Station Mounting the Enclosure Mount the enclosure using the eight 0.437-inch (11 mm) diameter holes located on the mounting flanges with 3/8-inch (M8) hardware. The ICS Off-Shore Station is supplied with a bottom gland plate that can be punched or drilled. The recommended entry is via the lower enclosure (junction box) bottom gland plate. Side entry is possible by drilling or punching the enclosure itself. There are no gland plates on the sides. Top entry is not possible. For specific details including mounting hole dimensions, refer to Figure 2. When mounting...

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Industrial Communications System - 7

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party® Station Field Wiring The ICS Page/Party® Station provides terminal blocks for field wiring in the lower stainless steel enclosure (junction box). Each connection for the system cable has two terminals for daisy-chain wiring. Attach #6 spade or ring lugs to the wires before attachment to the terminal blocks for the most secure connection. Torque the terminal block screws to 10 to 12 lbf-in (1.13 to 1.36 N-m). The terminal blocks are labeled to coincide with the color code used on GAI-Tronics 60029 series multiparty cable or 60038 series single party cable. Refer to...

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Industrial Communications System - 8

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party Station Speaker Impedance Configuration Speaker wiring is based upon impedance. When wiring either 8-ohm or 16-ohm speakers, refer to Figure 4 below for applicable termination points. Figure 4. Speaker Impedance Configurations for 8-ohm or 16-ohm Speakers P:\Standard IOMs - Current Release\42004 Instr. Manuals\42004-743L2D.docx 07/16

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Industrial Communications System - 9

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party Station Settings and Adjustments Opening the Station All PCBA adjustments are done in the non-metallic upper enclosure. To open this enclosure, remove the four screws from the front panel and turn it to the right so that the interior surface faces you. Allow the wiring and ribbon cables to remain connected. The front panel can be hung from the front door by hooking a small piece of wire in the mounting holes of the panel. The front panel interior surface and the back box interior now face you. This configuration presents the easiest access for troubleshooting and...

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Industrial Communications System - 10

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party Station Figure 6. 69557 Series Main PCBA Jumper Settings Speaker Mute The station can mute the speaker amplifier during page operation to eliminate feedback. P11 in the EN position (default) mutes the speaker during page activation. P11 in the DIS position allows broadcast to the speaker during paging. Speaker Gain Setting P9 can limit the maximum speaker output level. P9 in the HI position (default) represents a 30-watt maximum output. P9 in the LO position represents a 2-watt maximum output. WARNING Maximum output power may exceed rated speaker wattage resulting...

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Industrial Communications System - 11

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party Station Level Adjustments Transmit Level The Transmit Level potentiometer, R34, adjusts the signal level from the handset or optional auxiliary headset microphone to the page or party lines. Receiver Volume The Receiver Volume potentiometer, R5, adjusts the signal level to the handset receiver from the page or party lines. It does not adjust the signal level to the optional auxiliary headset. Speaker Volume The Speaker Volume potentiometer, R91, adjusts the signal level to the speaker from the page line. The default setting is 4 watts for an 8-ohm speaker and 2...

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Industrial Communications System - 12

ICS Off-Shore Page/Party Station Options The ICS Page/Party® Station options can be factory installed or field installed in some cases. The field installable options include ICS SmartSeries, VLC, and RTU. The 69552 SmartSeries PCBA adds microprocessor control to the ICS Page/Party® station, providing additional sensor and monitoring capabilities. SmartSeries and VLC PCBAs cannot be installed in the same station. Features When used with or without ADVANCE head-end equipment: • • • Ambient Level Sensing (ALS) circuitry automatically changes the local speaker’s paging volume in response to...

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