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Rugged Communications Equipment and Solutions

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GAI-Tronics is a UK based design and manufacturer of rugged communications equipment. Our telephones and systems work, and last, in environments where regular products wouldn’t. TELEPHONES GAI-Tronics’ range of telephones have been designed to meet the most arduous environments, withstanding extremes of temperature and providing enhanced levels of electro-magnetic & lightning protection. All telephones comply with European standards as well as the stringent approval processes set by national rail, road and airport authorities, police forces, councils and petrochemical industries....

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 3

A tough, weather resistant unit, built to withstand abuse and environmental extremes The Commander body is moulded in glass filled polyester to prevent rust and corrosion. It is simple to install with fixings concealed from view giving increased security from vandalism. Product Name Part Number Commander, Analogue, 0 button, yellow, steel cord Commander, Analogue, 15 button, yellow, steel cord Commander, SMART, 0 button, yellow, steel cord Commander, SMART, 15 button, yellow, steel cord Commander, VoIP, 15 button, yellow, steel cord Commander, GSM, 3 button, yellow, steel cord Standard...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 4

Offers a high level of vandal resistance with metal buttons and flush mount design with no handset The VR can give a quick and easy link to emergency or information lines. The VR is fully electronic, weather and vandal resistant. It provides hands-free, loud-speaking communications for any public area. Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED and audible tone. VR backbox sold as seperate item. Product Name Part Number VR, SMART Analogue, 1 button, silver grey VR, SMART Analogue, 2 button, silver grey VR, SMART Analogue, 3 button, silver grey VR, VoIP, 1 button, silver grey VR, VoIP, 2...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 5

Fully electronic, ruggedised and weather resistant hands-free telephone The hands-free weather resistant Sentinel is flush or surface mounted and designed to be fixed to a vertical surface by vandal resistant tamperproof screws. The combined metal keypad and stainless steel faceplate provide protection from the harshest environments up to IP65. Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED and audible warble tone. A volume control button is provided for noisy environments. Two pre-programmable memory location buttons are also included (MEM1 & MEM2). Product Name Part Number Sentinel, SMART...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 6

EMERGENCY ROADSIDE TELEPHONE The ERT is a high-visibility emergency telephone, which may be configured to meet different installation requirements. The Emergency Roadside telephone offers a range of innovative features that greatly improve the clarity and functionality for both the user at the roadside, and for the operator monitoring calls in the Control Office. Product Name Part Number Emergency Roadside Telephone, PSTN Contact GAI-Tronics Emergency Roadside Telephone, GSM Contact GAI-Tronics Emergency Roadside Telephone, VoIP Contact GAI-Tronics NOTE: For order codes and technical...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 7

HAZARDOUS AREA DIGITAL INTERCOM Comprising of a central controller or intercom server and various outstations, the systems’ digital architecture is used to link the stations with the intercom server. Standard intercom servers units include station line cards, audio interfaces and relay interfaces allowing ease of connection to PA, Radio or Alarm systems. Additionally, tone generators and telephone/radio interfaces may be added to create complex loud-speaking and PA systems. Product Name Part Number Hazardous Station With Keypad, 120VAC Hazardous Station With Keypad, 24VDC Hazardous Station...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 8

Digitally controlled Public Address and General Alarm system PA/GA The Elemec3 high integrity PA/GA system is commonly used on Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSOs, Power Stations & Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants & Industrial Complexes worldwide where the safety of all personnel is of immense importance. The equipment is specifically and fundamentally designed for failsafe operation, with extensive system and fault status monitoring for maximum availability at all times. • • • • • • • Compliant to UKOOA, PFEER, IMO, ABS, SOLAS, DNV, CCS, NORSOK guidelines Class D intelligent power amplifiers in 1U...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 9

NETWORK RAIL APPROVED PRODUCTS ILLUMINATED CROSSING PHONE - KETS & PETS The Titan Illuminated Crossing telephone is specifically designed and approved for installation at automatic half barrier (AHB) level crossings. The telephone is fitted with a white backlit legend panel, which can be used to provide visible instructions at night. Product Name Part Number PADS Number KETS (Kestrel Emergency Telephone System) PETS ( Public Emergency Telephone System) NOTE: See Brochure B205 (KETS) & B173 (PETS) for more information and technical specification. Titan’s aluminium body is robust and designed...

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GAI-Tronics product overview catalogue - 10

ACCESSORIES FOR GAI-TRONICS PRODUCTS 23dB Hood 9dB Hood Suitable for Auteldac 4 telephone Suitable for use with GAI-Tronics telephones, Page/Party® equipment and Elemec external access panels Part Numbers 501-09-0074-701 Yellow 501-09-0074-702 Red NOTE: Contact GAI-Tronics for order codes. See brochure B080 for more information. 11 Joule Beacons for VoIP Telephones NOTE: See brochure B058 for more information. Beacons for Analogue Telephones Compatible with GAI-Tronics VoIP telephones and systems Compatible with GAI-Tronics analogue telephones and systems Part Numbers 986-07-0024-303 Amber...

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CUSTOMISED PRODUCT SAMPLES GAI-Tronics Custom Designs To Customer Requirements GAI-Tronics’ standard telephones combine weather and vandal resistance with bespoke acoustic design. But where we really excel is our flexibility when you need a customised product. Levels of customisation include: 1. Changing the look of a standard product: By incorporating customer house colours or branding, a different button configuration or keypad style, or by creating a completely different faceplate or enclosure to meet customer’s site-specific requirements. 2. Changing the use of a standard product: By...

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