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Tire Labels - 1

INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRITAG Industrial Strength Tire Labels Durable Labeling Solution for Asset Tracking & Inventory Control Weatherproof Long-Term Outdoor Use Water, Oil, & Tear-Resistant Barcode Tire Labels > Withstand water, oil, grease lubricants, as well as wear-and-tear and abrasion > Resistant to the stringent conditions found in tire shops and during long-term outdoor storage > Extremely strong adhesive designed for irregular rubber surfaces, including summer/winter tires > Available in assorted colors for color coding and pre-printed with company logos, graphics, and serialized data Tamper-Evident Barcode Tire Labels > Tamper-evident design indicates any attempt to remove the label > Extremely strong adhesive designed for hard-to-stick, rubber surfaces > Waterproof and weatherproof, well suited for long-term outdoor storage > Can be printed with serialized information and barcodes using all common thermal-transfer printers

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Tire Labels - 2

Tire Labels for Thermal-Transfer Barcode Printers > Extremely strong adhesive designed for rubber surfaces and rough tire tread > Will adhere firmly to a variety of tires (automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, aircraft) > Thermal-transfer printable, including serialized data and barcodes, perfect for supply chain management and inventory storage > Available in assorted colors, sizes, and configurations, and can include color graphics and company logos WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE Choose from a range of materials, sizes, and formats made to withstand harsh working environments. Our dedicated support...

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