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High-Performance Industrial Labels


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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 2

Verification Service Guaranteeing accurate & consistent scanning of your barcodes! Conform with most industry standards, including ISO and GS1 Guarantees your barcodes are accurate and consistently scannable Experience support team always available to offer advice, free of charge Can provide grading reports of individual or specific sequences of barcodes Guaranteeing accurate & consistent scanning of1-450-973-9420 Contact our customer support team at 1-800-518-0364 / your barcodes!

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS Labels Green Apple Green Seafoam Light Yellow Light Mint Light Pink Light Blue

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 4


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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 6

Tire Labels Our thermal-transfer asset identification labels are provided with a clear laminate to protect the printout from water, abrasion, scrubbing, disinfectants, and other harsh chemicals. These self-laminating labels durably identify equipment, tools, electrical components, and other material subjected to elevated temperatures and other tough environments, including construction, oil extraction, automotive underhood, plumbing, and excavation. They can be printed with serialized information as well as 1D and/or 2D barcodes, for asset tracking and inventory management.

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 7

Outdoor Use Weatherproof Water, Oil & Tear-Resistant Tire Labels SKU# Colors Available Outdoor Use Weatherproof Tamper-Evident Tire Labels SKU#

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 8

The latest advancements in the automotive industry have led to the development of sleeker, self-cleaning coatings, that protect against dirt and spills. However, these surfaces are more difficult to label and prone to outgassing. To solve this issue, IndustriTAG has developed labels that adhere firmly to hard-to-stick surfaces, including low surface energy (LSE) plastics, such as silicone coated and silica treated surfaces, fabrics and fibers, while also providing excellent resistance against grease and extended UV exposure. The performance of our labels has been confirmed by environmental...

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 9

Electrical and Wire Labels IndustriTAG offers safety and identification solutions for the electric power industry including labels for cables, wires, as well as warning labels to help keep your workers well informed and safe on the worksite. Blank thermal-transfer printable and custom options are available. Our electrical labels comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for North America (NA) and are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant for the European Union (EU). Printable Wrap-Around Cable Labels SKU# UL and c-UL (CSA) recognized. Complies with ROHS/Regulation...

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 10

Acid and Base-Resistant Labels AcidiTAG™ labels are designed to resist exposure to substances within a wide pH range, including highly concentrated acids and bases, such as battery acids. These permanent, acid and base-proof labels are ideal for identifying containers used to store highly corrosive reagents, including automotive fluids, and aircraft cleaning chemicals used in aerospace. Compatible with all common thermal-transfer barcode label printers, these labels can be printed using our XAR class of ribbons with barcodes and other relevant information.

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 11

Circuit Board and Component Labels Our thermal-transfer printable labels are ideal for circuit boards and components. These polyester electrical labels are coated with a permanent adhesive that resists wash processes, cleaning with alcohol, and high-heat conditions, withstanding temperatures up to 150°C/302°F. UL and c-UL (CSA) recognized, they comply with ROHS/Regulation 2002/95/EU, and resist the stringent conditions associated with soldering, such as flux.

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 12

Chemical and Solvent-Resistant Labels Our durable chemical-resistant industrial labels withstand extended exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents. These waterproof labels withstand a range of tough environments, including heavy use and handling, dirt, grease, automotive oils and fluids, as well as common fertilizers and pesticides. Compatible with all common brands of thermal-transfer printers, these solvent-resistant labels can be printed on with high-quality barcodes and text for clear and concise identification as well as enhanced traceability. Chemical and Solvent Ultra-Resistant...

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 13

Chemical-Resistant Color Labels for Thermal Transfer Printers

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 14

Equipement Maintenance & Calibration Labels Self-laminating, writable calibration labels are designed for equipment that is calibrated or inspected regularly. Our self-laminating labels withstand a wide range of temperatures (-196°C/-321°F to +120°C/+248°F), abrasion, exposure to harsh chemicals, and extended exposure to UV and gamma irradiation. These labels can be inscribed using permanent ink markers, with the clear laminate applied over the label to protect the written information and ensure that it won't smudge or smear, even under the harshest conditions.

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 15

DataGARD™ Variable Data Laminated Labels > Improve Efficiency > Ensure Durability DataGARD™ labels provide laminated serialized barcode identification, ideal for labeling of heavy-duty equipment, electric components, and automotive underhood parts that need a unique identifier for asset tracking or maintenance, while ensuring the information is protected. They can withstand a range of external factors that would cause most other labels to fail. The labels and their individual, serialized information, are protected against exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents, abrasion, in addition to...

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 16

Piggyback Labels Our multi-purpose, thermal-transfer, piggyback paper labels are coated with a permanent adhesive and have a label-on-label multi-layer design that allows multiple related labels to be printed simultaneously and placed in one location until the smaller labels within are needed to identify subsequent items. Thermal-transfer printable, they are ideal for general use in warehouses and shipping/sorting facilities.

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High-Performance Industrial Labels - 17

Anti-Counterfeit and Security Labels Our plastic waterproof tamper-evident labels will tear into pieces upon any attempt to remove them and are ideal for identifying equipment, instruments, components, and containers that require evidence of possible tampering. Their sophisticated and practical design adds rigidity and strength to reduce accidental seal ruptures yet destructs easily upon removal. These destructible thermal-transfer labels can be used to deter counterfeiting and theft, to improve asset protection and data tracking, as well as to prevent re-use of the label.

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