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Automotive Labeling Solutions


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Automotive Labeling Solutions

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 2

Labels for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces The latest advancements in the automotive industry have led to the development of sleeker, self-cleaning coatings, that protect against dirt and spills. However, these surfaces are more difficult to label and prone to outgassing. To solve this issue, IndustriTAG has developed labels that adhere firmly to hard-to-stick surfaces, including low surface energy (LSE) plastics, such as silicone coated and silica treated surfaces, fabrics and fibers, while also providing excellent resistance against grease and extended UV exposure. The performance of our labels...

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 3

Electrical and Wire Labels IndustriTAG offers safety and identification solutions for the electrical industry, including labels for cables, wires, as well as warning labels for safety on the worksite. Blank thermal-transfer printable and custom diecutting and printing options are available. Our electrical labels comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for North America (NA) and are compliant with Europe (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Printable Wrap-Around Cable LabelsPreprinted Electrical Warning Labels SKU# UL and c-UL (CSA) recognized. Complies with...

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 4

Tire Labels Our thermal-transfer tire labels for indoor and outdoor use are coated with an aggressive permanent adhesive for rubber surfaces making them ideal for inventory control and tire storage. These barcode labels firmly adhere to a variety of tires, such as those for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and aircrafts, as well as other rubber products. These labels can be produced in any size, color, or configuration, including tamper-evident, with company logos, graphics, and serialized data as well. Thermal-Transfer Paper Tire Labels SKU# More sizes available on request.

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 5

Water and Oil-Resistant Plastic Tire Labels Contact our support team to find identification solutions that meet your needs. More sizes available on request.

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 6

DataGARD™ Variable Data Laminated Labels > Improve Efficiency > Ensure Durability DataGARD™ labels provide laminated serialized barcode identification, ideal for labeling heavy-duty equipment, electric components, and automotive under-the-hood parts that require a unique identifier for asset tracking or maintenance, while ensuring the information remains protected. They can withstand a range of external factors that would cause most other labels to fail. The labels and the printed information are protected against exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents, abrasion, scratching, and friction,...

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 7

Heat-Resistant Labels Our high-temperature resistant labels are ideal for identifying various containers and surfaces. They have a temperature range of -60°C to +150°C (-76°F to + 302°F) and can be applied to metal, plastic, and glass surfaces, withstanding exposure to alcohols, as well as UV and gamma irradiation. These labels are waterproof, weatherproof, and thermal-transfer printable, which ensures barcodes are printed with high-resolution and remain legible and scannable for asset tracking and inventory control. Heat-resistant labels for laser and inkjet printers are also available....

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Automotive Labeling Solutions - 8

Our labels are designed to resist exposure to substances spanning a wide pH range, including battery acid, etchants, alkaline cleaning agents, bases, and other concentrated acids and bases. These permanent, acid and base-proof labels are ideal for identifying containers used to store highly corrosive reagents, including aircraft cleaning chemicals used in various industries as well as in pest and weed control solutions used in agriculture. Compatible with all common thermal-transfer barcode label printers, they can be printed using our XAR-class of ribbons with barcodes and other relevant...

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