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WEF-HV Smart Meter - 1

G2 misuratori THE VALUE OF METERING SMART METERS WEF-HV Smart Meter Direct reading smart meter with data transmission via radio frequency 868 Mhz, with the protocols listed below. -Counter with radio module Mod. WEF-R-CLW LoRaWAN protocol for fixed network and LoRa for Walk-by/Drive-by -Counter with radio module Mod. WEF-R-WMB W-Mbus OMS protocol for Walk-by/Drive-by -Counter with radio module Mod. WEF-R-W+L LoRaWAN protocol for fixed network and LoRa for Walk-by/Drive-by + W-Mbus OMS protocol for Walk-by/Drive-by W-Mbus OMS protocol for Walk-by/Drive-by: the system automatically switches between fixed network and Walk-by/Drive-by protocols. Whirlpool meter, gauges DN 50 to DN 200, temperature class T50, measuring range R80H Internal measuring mechanism can be inspected without removing the meter from the system - with DRY dial for turbid and strongly calcareous water. Inductive transmission between mechanical and electronic parts. Radio module can be replaced All models are MID-approved according to the applicable directive (module B+D), in accordance with EN 14154, OIML R49 and ISO 4064 Requirements for straight pipe sections: U0/D0 Installation permitted in any position (for non-horizontal installations, flow must be upwards. Transmitted consumption data, net compensated by possible reverse flows Multi-level cryptographic data security Transmitted data: sensor ID, consumption data, hardware status, alarms, battery level, leaks Data security via multi-level encryption Modification of configuration data possible from fixed network remotely and/or via radio terminal Resin-coa

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WEF-HV Smart Meter - 2

SMART METERS Technical data – DN in mm Permanent flow rate Q3 (m³/h) Overload flow rate Q4 (m³/h) Transitional flow rate Q2 R80 [MPE ±2%] (m³/h) Minimum flow rate Q1 R80 [MPE ±5%] (m³/h) Max. permissible operating pressure MAP (bar) Maximum reading unit (m³) Minimum reading unit (l) Inductive predisposition value * h) Distance between pipe and meter support surface of meter (mm) * Other K available on request - Other R in horizontal and vertical available on request LoRaWAN and LoRa protocol specifications Radio module specifications Counter detection Inductive sensor Battery life Network...

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