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G2 misuratori water and heat meters ELECTRONIC COUNTER FOR THERMAL ENERGY  Model UC: o Remote electronic counter to connect to a mechanic, ultrasonic, electromagnetic meter installed over a return pipe; it is suitable to measure the thermal energy on heating and cooling systems o Digital display with 8 digits plus special characters o Powered by 10 years+1 lithium battery or optionally by 220V external supply or by M-Bus supply o Optical communication with M-Bus protocol o Data retrieve via single key on 3 (main/technical/stastics) levels installation on DIN rail, on plastic housing or wall mounting o 2 additional pulse input to manage 2 reed switch pulsed hot/cold sanitary water meters via internal terminal block with quick connections Model UCB: o Same features as model UC fitted with Mbus output with protocol according to standard EN 1434-3 and EN 13757-2 o Power suppy via M-Bus system with unlimited number of readings for each device Model UC2: o With output for volume and energy o It is not possible to have M-Bus output and pulse inputs Technical Data o With Wireless M-Bus interface o Communication based on Opening Metering System standard (OMS), open system to ensure a common transmission standard among various meters (water, gas, heat, electricity o It is possible to change the default setting via a specific optical head setting software (as option) Temperature difference cooling Model UCBR: Temperature range Temperature difference heat Calculation of heat from Calculation of cooling from Resolution Temperature 0.01 every 30 sec (with external power supply 4 sec) Measurement cycle standard Power supply 3,6V lithium (6+1 years) 220V External power supply Optional on all models:  Double recording for cooling/heating consumption Alimentazione M-Bus standard Pulses value standard optional Possible values: 1 / 2,5 / 10 / 25 / 100 / 250 / 1.000 MWh kWh, GJ For TX versions depending on set pulse value infrared / 2 additional pulse M-Bus 2 output for volume and energy Optional settings Standard settings Unit Radio transmitting mode Transmission Interval between transmission 120 seconds – 240 minutes; special monthly setting Calendar week Data Storage 3 each for flow and power Billing dates Week days Monthly values Protection class Electromagnetic class Switch-on date AES cryptography Type of telegram Mechanical class on/off; same key for client or order/random key for meter Pulse input device short/long (monthly values) Long (monthly values) Microcontroller CMOS input class IB according to EN1434-2:2007(D) lenght x width x height 198 x 123,7 x 45,8 250 Continuous development of our products may necessitate changes in details without prior notice – 05/16 G2 misuratori S.r.l. - water and heat meters Via San Martino, 38 – 14100 ASTI (AT) – ITALY Telephone +39.0141.721787 – Telefax +39.0141.702280 E-mail: info@g2misuratori.it – Http://www.g2misuratori.it Branch office for Italy Centre Sud Area Via Fontanelle, 3 – 00020 RIOFREDDO (RM) – ITALY Telephone an

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