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VOLUMETRIC  METER   Model VSF  R ≤ 800 - 1

G2 misuratori THE VALUE OF METERING VOLUMETRIC Mod VDF-R-CLW METER con protocollo LoRaWAN per rete fissa Model VSF e LoRa R ≤ Walk-by / Drive-by per 800 Mod VDF-R-CWMB con protocollo W-Mbus per Walk-by / Drive-by ❑ VOLUMETRIC COUNTER, rotating piston, 8-digit-rolls direct reading ❑ Newly developed mod. VSF DN 15, dry dial, for clean water, temperature class T50, ensuring: - Maximum quietness (< 20dB) - Reduced overall dimensions - Filter system for high resistance of suspended particles ❑ All models are MID approved according to the current Directive (module B+D), in compliance with UNI EN ISO 4064 and OIML R49, achieving an R (Q3/Q1) ≤ 800 in all positions ❑ U0-D0: no straight pipe sections are required upstream and downstream of the meter ❑ All models are certified for use with drinking water according to D.M. 174 of 6

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VOLUMETRIC  METER   Model VSF  R ≤ 800 - 2

VOLUMETER Technical Data – DN-inches H) Maximum height standard model (mm) H) Maximum height with pulse output (mm) B) Maximum overall diameter (mm) Weight with couplings (kg) Weight without couplings (kg) Length with couplings (mm) L) Length without couplings (mm) Dial register from/to (m³) Mesuring range R (other R's available on request) Starting flow (l/h) Pressure loss class ΔP (bar) Body material Max. allowed working pressure MAP (bar) Minimum Flow rate Q1 (l/h) Continuous flow rate Q3 (m³/h) Max. flow rate for short period Q4 (m³/h) Transitional flow rate Q2 (l/h) The following...

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