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G2 misuratori THE VALUE OF METERING SMART READING Smart City Radio modules with 868 Mhz frequency, for Smart City applications, with the protocol indicated below. Radio module Mod. G2-SC-SLW LoRaWAN protocol for fixed network and LoRa for Walk-by/Drive-by The device has up to 6 digital and 2 analogue inputs to read the status of the sensors of a Smart City such as the status of a parking space (free and occupied), the status of a waste bin (full and empty) or the status of a smart rack (free and full) and send the information via radio to the control unit where it will be recorded and processed. The module also has two digital outputs that can be used to indicate the status of the sensors by means of LEDs outside the module. These same LEDs can be controlled either automatically by the module or through a command from the control unit.

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SMART READING Technical specifications Input detection Output External digital sensor (max 6 not supplied) Up to 2 digital outputs Microprocessor device Battery life Environmental operating conditions Radio transmission activation + 5 °C ... +55 °C -10 °C ... +55 °C (resistive) Via actuator on instrument body Storage temperature CE, European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive LoRaWAN protocol specifications LoRaWAN Fixed Network Network type Freq. 868 Mhz LoRaWAN prot. Transmitted data Change configuration data Flexibility Sensor output Possible from remote landline or radio terminal...

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